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hot tower

so-called "hot towers" are thunderstorm cells inside a hurricane, collecting the heat from the ocean and powering the storm with energy.

well.. this one is a bit too hot, actually :D
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And it woke before my eyes.

I've seen things like this... but it always acts like my personal mirror.

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ok.. sounds kind of scary :o

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OK, thanks for letting me know :)
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This is so well drawn, I’m speechless
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Weather is so freaking cool sometimes!
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It's eerie how "close" this looks. Like it would be here in just 5 minutes, I think I'd start to panic if it was heading in my direction, hopefully if one dives down deep enough they can avoid being boiled alive... If they can hold their breath long enough :dead:
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haha, good that you care about how to escape that thing, I think its not wrong, ..who knows which surprises nature will prepare for us in future^^
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Now all we need is a similar phenomenon collecting heat from the fire whirls in Australia...
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Your explanation makes so much sense now that I've learned physical geography lol. A bit too hot though indeed ;)
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-and I just wondered about the word "physical geography", just had google it up Sweating a little...
so now I know the generic term of the whole stuff Im interested in! :D great!
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Haha no worries! I didn't know what the heck physical geography was until I took this course at my university (I'm just finishing it up actually) :D

Speaking of which, my region's experiencing crazy thunderstorms and rain right now, so I'm sitting thinking "so what's the science behind it, based on what I learned?" XD
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the same its for me: always trying to understand how the heck they work :D
there are several basical types of thunderstorms, they all follow lots of certain patterns, in large- and small-scale. These patterns overlap and interact between each other and so its nearly impossible to make out how, when and where which type will develop, no one can still precisely predict them.
the power of "not-knowing-why" triggers that great fascination and imagination (which are also only certain patterns in the human brain, triggered by certain events^^)
..okay, this getting a little complicated now, I better stop :D
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LOL! I follow, I follow XD And it's probably why I don't trust the forecast anymore -- they keep getting it wrong! ;P
Surprisingly, physical geography turned out to be one of the most interesting courses I've taken at my university. Applicable to the real world. (Unlike molecular genetics and biology, which is what I study, where you can't even see the things you're being taught nor really apply the concepts :'D)
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It's mesmerizing. The disaster from which you cannot look away.
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Interesting. The water looks great.
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...Wait, that's too--!"…
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ahh this is so cool! 
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