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just a wordplay,

or a world divorced from reality,
yet real for one
and elusive for another

or just..
..I can't help looking for a reason to painting clouds :D
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absolutely beautiful

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sieht hammer aus :)
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Reminds me of that video showing a city on the clouds over China a while back.
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oh cool! I didn't see it, can you please send a link?
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This was one of the first few videos I watched about the phenomenon.
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very interesting, and somehow I doubt that it has been a "normal" fata morgana^^
thank you for sharing!
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Beautiful! The artworks are getting better and better - your talent is so bright^_^

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very glad to hear this, thank you!:aww:
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This is gorgeous! Do you have any tips on how to digitally paint clouds? I've been struggling with that :/ 
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OK I'll give an attempt:
Even for me it's mostly not as easy as it maybe looks ;)
Before / while painting, I try to imagine the clouds in three dimensions, how the light falls onto which part of the cloud and where the shadows are. There are many different cloud types and every type has distinctive shapes and structures.These different cloud types are also at different altitudes. You should be aware of, which type of cloud you want to paint and where, to make it look closer to reality.
For the painting technique, I use the smudge tool alot (after putting the colors roughly onto the layer). This tool in photoshop is very versatile, the settings allow you to set up thousands of different effects:D (Big Grin) 
Hope this helps, have fun with trying out!
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Oh wow thank you! I've never thought of using the smudge tool before - I'm still a beginner in digital art - so this is very helpful. And I definitely need to play around with cloud types and structures a bit more.. I love your art, thanks so much for your help! :happybounce:

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no problem, wish you great results :)
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So beautiful and interesting concept, as always ! :D
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glad you like it, vielen Dank :)
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This is actually a very nice contrast of the reality we live in. The farmer adds an even greater sense of divide between the transition of growing cities to shrinking farmland and open spaces. Awesome work!
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yes, glad that you understand what I meant with it :)
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very nice! :D greetings from austria :D
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Grüße zurück from Germany! :D (Big Grin) 
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