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City of Thunder : Supercell

originally planned to be a repainting of City Of Thunder by aerroscape after I was suggested by Linum7 to make another version of it .
At the end it became a completely new work with basically same topic :)

..and didnt forget the obligatory guy with the tent 
 Camp Fire
[edit:] added more light because the scene seemed being kind of flat, with no experience of distance, which I hope to have asserted now. or what do you think?
(here's the first upload: City Of Thunder ][ 2014-12-7 [1200] by aerroscape)

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Bright, but dark.

Alive but extinct.

A city that once fell to the forces of the elements themselves, and never the greatest towers can stand its power. The great forces that live among us always grinds the past until there's nothing to recall or nothing to look for.

Then that's how we were forced to move on.

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beautifully written ! ..even if I don't understand the meaning completely ^^;

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It's me again ;) Just dropping by to say how much I admire your talent :)
aerroscape's avatar
hey! :D
dont need to tell this again^^
but nice to hear form you again! :wave:
so beautiful! The added light was a great choice also!
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Да, эта версия мне нравится больше:)
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по моему вся проблема в овсещении и была.. блин почему сразу так не сделал Stupid Me! 
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Творить - значит, постоянно сомневаться в себе и искать лучшие пути. В этой картине ты нашел, молодец! Она действительно "заиграла":)
А иллюстрацию у меня приняли, прикинь!Посмотрим, что из этого выйдет:)
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Wonderful. There is a special atmosphere as always in your pictures (well this is my opinion).
I love how the guy in the tent seem safe as an observer of the chaos that is going to happen in the city.
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i cannot but admire your talented!
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Didn't notice the camper until now. 
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This one is definitely more intense!  I really liked the contrast between the dark sky and the light in the first image, but I think this one is the more powerful of the two and I admit the lighter sky does give it a larger, more open feel.  My only criticism is the scene doesn't feel quite as stormy.  The clouds are really cool, but they don't feel quite as connected to the sky as they did in the earlier version.  But then again, they make an awesome frame and really bring out the brilliance of the light.

This one will be going into my favorites!
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Thank you alot for you critics!
very appreciated, cause only few people take time to tell me what I could have done better :)
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oh my gosh... the brilliance... *-*
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Whoah. This looked beautiful before, but now it's so pretty I want to cry :| (Blank Stare) 
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I'm glad it impressed you^^ 
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Beautiful work! :heart:
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Very amazing work! Splendid :clap:
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