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June 26, 2019
Bonfire by aerroscape
Featured by cosmicbound
Suggested by Ellysiumn
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a quasar is the hottest blaze known in the universe. Like bonfires have been used as beacons for ships at sea, we can use these objects as fixed points in the sky, to calculate movements of other galaxies, stars, and also of us in space. And even here on earth, we navigate by quasars: they're the GPS of our GPS!
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    phew, this has been a lot of work, and now I'm happy I can show this to you! :D
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:happybounce: :happybounce: thanks Ellysiumn  and cosmicbound for the Daily Deviation!!!

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I'm guessing this can connect to the Phoenix Nebula artwork...

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Ok that is pretty cool.

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Nice work here :) gl bro
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King of hearts- Emote Super congrats on the DD! Keep up the amazing work!King of hearts- Emote 

FREE flying hearts Icon clap clap FREE flying hearts Icon
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Happy thank you, will try as good as I can!Writing emoticon 
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Wow! Congratulations on your much deserved DD. :rose:
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And even here on earth, we navigate by quasars

How might it work in more extreme environments, such as travelling very close to the speed of light? Curious since there it would seem difficult finding reference points that aren't deformed by redshift.
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maybe it will still work, because these objects are mostly very far away, and still would remain quite in place for the observer.. Some of them would become more red or leave the visible light zone into the infrared, but those which are in front of the traveller, would still be useable.. but didn't try this out yet, if it works :D
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Was curious since this would seem a plausible way (at least as far as more fantastic sci-fi goes) of aligning Bussard ramjets that must rotate the main body 180 degrees for the deceleration burn. And a plausibly analog way as well: Just identify some objects that don't look completely messed up through a reflection sight, then pitch until the markers line up.
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..OK.. I guess I'm losing against you in theoretical astrophysical knowledge Sweating a little... 
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Then between us there are no winners o.O I got no clue either if it would actually work in practice, just that it would make an interesting concept and quite the beautiful interface.
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Amazing work !! Congrats for your DD !!
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It would be so awesome to have that as an active background on a phone, with it spinning slowly with the spirals slowing spinning out and dissapating, with ejections up the top randomly happening.
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I have done something like you mean on instagram
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