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do not try to count them^^
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Started counting them, then understood that some clouds are also birds, that's when I stopped counting XD
To me it almost looks as if it's a traditional painting, it's very interesting when a digital artwork ends up looking as if it's a traditional artwork :D
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well, I've warned you not try to count them ;)Nod 
I also often like it when a digital work looks like a traditional one, especially when you can see realistic brush strokes or other traces of whatever tool has been used. Then the work looks even more lively! But on the other hand, my opinion is that this is all not authentic because I am creating a digital art, not an oil painting or aquarel. I feel that when I make my artwork look like one of them, I'm kind of lyingSweating a little... :D (Big Grin)
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I don't think it's bad because you can still see that it's digital, it has really vivid colours. And personally I think that it's pretty hard to make digital artwork to look traditional. It looks more like combining the good parts of both traditional effects and the features of digital :D
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1, 2, 3... ;D

Original :)
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This is one of those pictures a person has a hard time looking away from!
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It is just amazing! 
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You're welcome :) 
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there are approximately 37 birds, not counting the bird clouds.
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haha you took the challengeSweating a little...
did you also count those sitting on the mast on the left? ;)
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I did count those, but can not count the exact number of birds at the bottom.
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