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major event by aerroscape, visual art

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...and fish and fishing


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The Time Machine (2002)
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documentaries about nature, science
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fishing, nature, landscape / urban design

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Hey there, I just found out how to opt out from Deviantart's DreamUp AI image generator: you have to fill out this form: The thinking is, that the less amount of input it gets, the lower the quality of the generated images will be, so it will be harder for AI images to compete with real human artworks :)
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An information for all of you who still did not forget about me, and those who maybe wondered why I have been here so scarcely, and noticed that my activity has increased during last weeks. Well, short story: I had a job in a freelance architect's office for many years. Now what happened is, that my boss has passed away †, so my occupation has also ended. I am temporarily free of work. The good side of the tragic situation is, that I can, and will use this caprice of fate for the art. Will take a break from the rat race, breathe in. Will fish out old artworks I had not shown you before, and will visualize old and new ideas, for which I did not yet find the time. Will try to learn new things, and look after some projects I never would have started, as long as I have been employed. ..And moreover: feel free to ask for commissions :) pricing is individual, depending on the level of detail, and the purpose of artwork. It would be great to share more time with you again, I will try to
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Finally, the time has come for me to be able to reveal you the reason why I hardly posted anything in this, as well as the whole last year. Many of you have maybe got some sneak peeks from my last journal entries, or some instagram posts. I have been working on illustrations for the trading card game "Seeker Chronicles", which is in the stage of an "alpha" now and is not officially available yet. I will give notice as soon as it will be released. Briefly said, it's ..not about creatures, monsters or heroes.. but about great discoveries, principles, and forces, which hold the world together: about Physics. Featured in the cards, they can be controlled and used by mighty guardians (these cards made another artist, Janna Sophia), representing some of the brightest minds of mankind. Some examples for the Guardians: The cards are assigned to three different decks. here some examples as well: Cosmos: Quantum: and Order: Lucky me! As a science nerd, it was a real pleasure to
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Thanks for the llama and have a great week! ^^


Вы когда успели такую обалденную картину сделать?! :clap:

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да недавно склеил из 8-и уже существующих рисунков :)

ЗдОрово!!! А мысль-то какая!.. Прям как у меня...

(P.S. - Город на берегу, кажется, нужно переделать. Каким-то он слишком южным выглядит)

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восхищение природой :dummy:

Различие у нас разве что в том, что вас больше тянет к миру "микро" а меня - к миру "макро":D

Город уж пусть останется таким😅 хотя кажется вы правы. Не было у меня подходящего.. Вообще это город будущего, а в нем - даже на севере тоже тепло станет😓😅

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Thx for the lama bro !