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Hail Nurgle

a corrupted sister of battle.
(first) 40k tribute.

around 6 hours, first 4 hours streamed live yesterday.



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Grand father nurgle is pleased

NikitaKapitunov's avatar
Impressive work! Really cool
leebk201's avatar
Cool pic, but Nurgle? Nope, never. Rainbow Dash (angry) #2 plz 
Gnosticon's avatar
Such beauteous fecundity. Love it. 
MetalDarius's avatar
Khorne is my favourite god of chaos ..... but this awesome picture made me change FOR Nurgle XD !
HailMyself's avatar
If every Nurgle chick look like this i may goodbye Slaanesh and go with Papa Nurgle.
Blackheart2005's avatar
A Sister of Battle turned into a Plague Marine. Awesome.
Nagneto's avatar
Very nice. The Sisters don't get enough love.
mando-beskar-love-66's avatar
This is actually badass. Not like most female drawings! Her boobs are actually proportional and she looks amazingly badass!
hurgleofnurgle's avatar
hey look one of those prissy sisters of the emporer finally came around
G0atboy's avatar
"Baby, you got real ugly..."
curtsibling's avatar
Splendid work! I can see what area to aim for in order to take her down!
scorpio-bos's avatar
Awesome drawing :) and im watching you livestream video now, for practise :D did you make this in Gimp? and did you just use your mouse or one of those drawingboards tablet thingy?
Aerozopher's avatar
haha, yes, it was when I used gimp.
scorpio-bos's avatar
did you use a mouse or tablet? im just wondering if i should buy one of those tablets xD
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