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Dark Vision 5 - Leviathan

Part of the Dark Vision Series.

commission for :iconsmokesmokefayefaye:



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The deepest part of the ocean

is not empty
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very much spook..............
GIF My Little Pony - Idk what to call this...   
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Plot twist: the dude is Kratos.
RIP Leviathan
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I think that guy is in a big trouble now
UnbearableME's avatar
wow stunning like how the beast is very large and that guy very small :) (Smile) 
Born-of-Wolves's avatar
If I saw something like that...Man-baby Mode: ACTIVATE

*Cries like a little bitch and tries to swim away* ;w;
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im scared when i swim too far in the sea TwT
Hey, I was wondering if I could use this for my bands background picture on fb. The band is called "Sentience Of A Leviathan" we're just starting out and would love to use this.
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Very well drawn, might I say it is also scary as FUCK.
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Looks like a person's nightmare... o.o BRILLIANT.
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No wonder I'm afraid to swim in the ocean O_O
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Nightmarishly brilliant!
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It looks like I can spend a day on viewing and commenting your gallery :) Awesome!
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Glad you like my gallery that much Katrine! It's great to hear this from somone who kicks ass
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reminds me of my dreams... :D
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