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Dark Vision 2 - Behemoth

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gigantic blind behemoth creature out of some dark world formed by visions.



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josegoncaloHobbyist Digital Artist
It's gonna eat yo ass!
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:nuu: WE'RE DOOM~!!
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ChasingTheRighteousStudent Digital Artist
Looks like the manefestation of Ganon from skyward sword
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UltimateMetalSonicHobbyist Digital Artist
You mean The Imprisoned, the sealed giant monster form of Demise. And I agree, it does look kind of like it.
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DastreusHobbyist General Artist
If I mightt offer a point of possible criticism: The Behemoth and Leviathan (and to a lesser extent, the beast coming from the mountains) look very similar, right down to the salival lines in their maw. This might be intentional, though? I'm not sure, but I thought I'd bring it up and ask if it was intentional.
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It was intentional, but you are right, they should be different.
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DastreusHobbyist General Artist
Still well done.
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I love the contrast in all of them!
Akuru-Kougasaki's avatar
looks like a more primitive version of the imprisoned! This is really cool!
5letters's avatar
this one is extraordinary dark and creepy - i love the entire series

good work
Aerozopher's avatar
hey, thank you :)
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that is one scary looking mf:er
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TheForestWithin General Artist
WICKED :furious: :horns:
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FerkinasonHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man! This is so much inspiring! Thank you for creating your "dark world pictures".
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freut mich, dass es dir gefällt
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wow this is awesome in so many ways, this dark visions gallery are the best,i wish you continued with that work, my only question is why does behemot look the same as leviathan?but seriously dude this is sick XD
Aerozopher's avatar
:D maybe I will some day

the leviathan is a sea-monster.
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My genre, nice
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