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Aynbath: The Asprosophists

🔶: They are the wandering oracles of the world. Under the banner of the circle they serve everyone and none. Part of their unspoken codex is the hiding of every piece of their natural bodies so no one can identify their race. They are surrounded by an aura unspeakable. They are twined with myths and regarded as sacred by some. At the same time they're hated by others who accuse them of manipulating the fate of the world..

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Cool and evocative pic.
The cliffs and vegetation are really cool, and I like the shading and folds of the robes.

The designs make me think a little of the Aghoru in WH40k, a nomadic culture that lead lives of simplicity and reject all luxury (as opposed to their hedonistic forebears on the same planet, long before). The Aghoru wore robes and glass masks, only removing them in private (and not even married couples ever showing their faces to each other; "the pleasures of the flesh were one of the greatest sins of the Elohim...") 
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hey thanks!

I don't know WH40K Lore, but that sounds interesting. There are no images of those Aghorus as it seems. I just wonder about "Elohim", is it supposed to be a race? Would be weird because it is the name of god in hebrew.
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Yup, the Hebrew 'Elohim' is also cognate with the Phoenician Alohim, Arabic Ilahi, and Akkadian Ilû/Ilani. I'm a big fan of Semitic languages and their relatives (like ancient Egyptian, for example). 

WH40K has a species of powerful elf-like beings in WH40K's backstory known as the Eldar, whose grand empire fell for over ten thousand years ago.

Unusually for fantasy/sci-fi stories, WH40K is one of the settings that actually gives its elves/elf-like species an actual flaw: since they lived so long and had such comfy life styles, they destroyed themselves through their increasingly pleasure-obsessed culture, and their hedonism gave birth to a god of excess that claims the souls of all Eldar when they die: Slaanesh. 

The Eldar that survive today distinguish their cultures by how they try to avoid falling into hedonism: monastic discipline, a nomadic life close to nature, or feeding on the sensations of others to stave off their doom.  

What I like about the Aghoru's tribesman's story of the "Elohim" was that it does such a good job of showing how much the average joe mortal man on a backwater planet knows about the universe as a whole: a cataclysmic event in a sci-fi setting ten millennia ago gets told as some sort of mythological, cautionary tale, complete with the divine-sounding name Elohim, with the tribesmen on the planet remembering the Eldar as "A race of angels so beautiful that they fell in love with themselves..." 
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Hey, great to see someone else here is into etymology (:

That lore sounds great. Thanks for sharing; and the eldar (as they are part of tolkiens creations as well, the "star people") are right now (WIP) in Aynbath also a race doomed a long time ago (funnily). Elves being their descendants - I guess that's classy.

But there are more elf-races developed through a huge event in my world.
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Awesome artwork!!!

Attempt To Be Cool 
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Great work ! The characters and the landscape are so alive. The contrast between the pink and the green (feathers/grass) is beautiful !
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thanks so much :)
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you got a great atmosphere in your pieces!
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I'm digging this one, I especially like the rock and grass textures. Keep up the good work.
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Man! This is so awesome! Love the realism and the characters! 
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oh thank you Irian
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Butifful work!!:D
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The grass looks amazingly soft. Those clothes look amazingly soft. That bird look amazingly... soft? Awesome thingy you've got here. I LUV EET
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thus is so fecking cool
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I was wonder how your picture going. Result is pleasure for sight. Man, I want to drop face into this soft grass..
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