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i made this thing for challenge in
i hope i wins =)

no thing special when i made this robot, i'm just trying combine transformers original concept and mecha style from japan to get a great style for android.
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niceeee bro tnks
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Awesome work. Thanks for letting me use this in an android theme back in 2011.
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This is so cool, I put it up on my Android blog, I hope you don't mind! You are duly credited, and will be adored by a couple thousand Hungarian Android fans
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wow! both, this and google one, are great. is it possible to get it witout watermark?
I want to use this pic/some part of it in my website's logo.Will you please allow me to do so?
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if you allow it to me, i like to make a version in vinyl of this
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vinyl? what kind of vinyl your make?
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i'm sorry, can you tell me more detail about your vinyl??
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i'm gona custom a android 3 inch figure, like munny
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Well done! It certainly makes the logo seem too plain (even though that's the whole point of it).
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Very cute looking.
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Hope you win...
Can i have it?
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Thx Amelia..

Yaa.. Moga aj karyaku menang, wlaupn gk menang jg gk ap2 kok. Toh tu cumn ajang nguji kemampuan modeling..
Tentu kamu boleh memiliki'y
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