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Sky Travel

Location  NeverLand
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Just like I said on the other picture, it's making me think of a scene from Disney's Treasure Planet, where the ship was about to leave, and we see an "Orcus Galacticus".

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The colors are so wonderful here~

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Gorgeous!  The colors add so much life and excitement to this.
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A mesmerising blend of colours creating a world so captivating that the painting truly transports you. Beautiful work.
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Wow! This piece is awesome! I could stare at it all day. Great job. :love:
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Sometimes I think artists are evil imps from a different universe that tease us, whose sole purpose is to devour any kind of time, reducing all productivity until we are in some kind of eternal trance.
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Oh shit you're on to us :iconsakamotousoniplz:
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I knew these creations are far too awe inspiring to be made by the hands of man! Haha but seriously I was angry that I was about to go to sleep, saw your art and had the impulse to just add it to my inspiration folder. I think I roamed through your works or controlled myself and just closed my browser. Amazing skills you've got there.
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haha thanks so much! you make great poems yourself! :D
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thank you thank you thank you! :iconhakasetaadaaniplz:
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I want this tattood to the inside of my brain.
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Strange as it sounds, that sounds pretty cool XD
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A world of adventure awaits. Inside the mind we can imagine anything we want.
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That IS true lol that was really deepClap 
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WOW Clap  The power of colors 
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This is stunning! Lovely colors :)
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You're welcome :)
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