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Awesome Tutorial 1: Jessie

By AerithReborn
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OMFG FIRST TUTORIAL~~~ Be nice, you guys. I feel like there's a lot of demand for a tutorial for this wig (~Oritzer especially). I was hesitant to put it out there, but here it is at long last.

MANY EPIC THANKS to ~Manamorimoto who helped me so much with the construction. All photos are by either one of us or one of our friends. The final shot can be found here and it was taken by Holesong.

Please don't stealie. If you'd like to use this or post it, please let me know. In fact, if you use the tut to make your own wig, please send me a pic. I'd love to see what you make of this whole thing ^^
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im waiting to see a tutorial of this god forsaken wig that doesn't cause BLEEDING!! good lord
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The most easy way that I saw until now!
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Wonderful tutorial~!! :heart: Is it just me or... is something going on in James's pants? :rofl: JK GONNA KILL MYSELF NAO
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Thank you for this tutorial!
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Wonderful tutorial, TY!
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OH my lanta!! xD Great tutorial!!!! It explained things nicely, and you have a lovely way with words.
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Thank you so much! I hope it helps you out!
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Okay thanks. ^_^ And we actually have that kind of foam at my house, it's very light and durable. I don't know how easy carving it would be though.
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I have a 60 inch wig that I'm about to dye read. Do you think that a foam structure would work? Like craft foam? I was thinking that it would take a lot of the weight away. If not, do you think there would be a better alternative to wire?
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Craft foam wouldn't have the strength to put up with the weight. I'm playing with the idea of paper mache, but I think that would be even heavier. I was also considering base carved out of foam, the expanding kind ([link]), but it's only an idea that I haven't tried yet.
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Amazing tutorial *3*! Did you need only one wig?
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I only used one wig, but if I were to remake it, I would definitely use two.
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Ok, thank you very much ^^
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n/p! If you're working on one, link me back! I'd like to see how yours turns out!
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I'll work on it probably on 2012, I'll show pics ^^ your tutorial is a great help :D
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Awesome! I'm glad it's doing its job :D
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You are amazing. Thank you so, so much for this tutorial. I was cast as Jessie for our con's opening ceremonies and I was sitting around looking at her hair going, "wat do?"

I think instead of chicken wire, I might try boning? I read that another Jessie cosplayer used plastic boning and then covered it with batting. That chicken wire just looks scary and painful. :c
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It was really tough to come up with a sturdy foundation with just the materials we had on hand. Yeah, the chicken wire was probably a little overkill, but it worked... and the only references I had available were Antoinette style beehive hair things... but horizontal is definitely harder to keep horizontal than vertical things vertical. Ugh, there I go again... I hope that didn't sound too convoluted...

I really want to redo that wig when I get some time/patience/and motivation. Then I'll look for a sturdy base that's light and SAFE to wear.

I wish you the best of luck with your wig!
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Thanks for all of your advice! I'll let you know how it works out! :D
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Ohhh so much love for you!

Me and my lover are gonna try for Jesse/James at the next WaiCon, and I'll definitely give this a try. I was thinking maybe using just a couple of lengths of wire, then wrap some stiff tulle around it to decrease the weight, any thoughts?

There's also a couple of terms here that I don't understand. Could you tell me what Batting and Weft mean?

Thank you so much for posting this tutorial, and continuing to answer enquiries from noobs like me, even years after the original post! It's rare for people on DA to be so nice even after they gain fans (:
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Hehe, it's no problem! I've had a lot of help along the way, so this is the least I can do.

[link] Batting is referring to a layer of fibers made into a sheet... it's not exactly woven... it's kinda like a loose, fluffy felt. Really, it's the stuff in the center of a quilt, you know, the part that keeps you warm.

[link] Wefts are the rows of fiber that make up a wig.

I think the tulle idea is a good start, but I doubt it would be strong enough to support the wig fibers themselves, even if the armature (support skeleton) was quartered... any denser than that and you'd defeat the purpose. And, like I said before, the weight doesn't seem like much if you just hold it... it just gets really heavy when you're wearing it. Try adding a weight to the front of the wig to balance things out. Gravity pulling down on your head is a little easier for you to deal with than it pulling back.

I wish you the best of luck! Let me know how it goes :D
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awesome... but a little bit too complicated for me. i think i might just get the hairdresser to style my wig?
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To be honest, I doubt a hairdresser would know what you're asking for... or how to do it. There's a HUGE difference between hair and wigs... the fibers, how to care for them, how to style them... really, they only have two things in common: their look (like hair) and that they (generally) sit on your head.
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i was looking on the site you suggested for the wig ( and i was looking for the enchantment wig in the color merlot... i cant find it for the life of me ... would it be possible for someone to send me a link too it
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