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Physical Attributes; Height: Average 4'5", Length: Average 7', Weight: Average 400-500lbs, Build: Lean, slightly bulky, muscular

Habitat: The Yurkas live in a largely bioluminescent, swamp-like forest, with an average rainfall of 45-50" a year, and year round temperature of average 75-80 degrees F. Their habitat also floods during spring, when it rains heaviest.

Shelter: They seem to create small, floating dens in the water that attach to aquatic trees, giving them damp, humid places to sleep. They have been observed to rise and fall with the levels of the water.

Adaptations: Yurkas have developed many fin-like structures on their chests, bellies, and the dorsal side of their tails to accommodate for the heavy rains and largely aquatic biome. Although mostly nocturnal, this species has adopted brighter colors, this could be result of the bioluminescent nature of their habitat. The Yurkas have also adapted large, immobile, ear-like, horns that are specially adapted to pick up vibrations and sound waves in the air, this seems to give them sight in the denser, or darker parts of the forest.

Colors: While Yurkas colors can range from bright reds, to dark blues, their bellies are always a pale pink, their markings follow a consistent pattern of being darker than their body/belly and the membrane on their fins are consistently lighter.

Gender Differentiation: Two main differentiations can be observed. Male Yurkas have an extra set of fins on their lower chest, while also sporting larger, more prominent markings. While females have smaller markings with no extra set of fins. There are two exceptions; Over-dominant females have been observed to develop large markings, and less dominant males sometimes have seemingly stunted fins.

Behavior: Curious by default, yet are extremely passive aggressive, female Yurkas more so than males. While males are generally more protective, they are never observed to instigate fights, and females are territorial, especially when its breeding season. Breeding Habits: Mostly unknown; Yurkas are generally protective of their breeding grounds and let nothing in. All that is known is their breeding season starts as the rains get heavier, leading observers to believe that they breed/lay in the water.

Hunting: because of the Yurkas' bulky build, they are unable to chase prey, rather they locate, stalk, and pounce their prey. Yurkas can both hunt solo and in packs, using completely different strategies between the two. Solo, they stalk, but in packs, they turn to the offensive, gradually surrounding a large group of prey into a tight circle, slowly picking the herd off one by one. While the Yurkas mostly eat terrestrial prey, some, mostly younger Yurkas, can be observed eating fish and frogs.
I have ordered a new graphics tablet and will be receiving sometime tomorrow! I'm really excited to start with proper digital art and hopefully get some commissions going!
I kinda lost my motivation to draw. I want to draw but don't know what. Long story short. I kinda want suggestions