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In this pic, Zin's about 14 or 15. This is the last time he was seen fully clothed :V

Yes, he is wearing girls' pants. And Cass did make that shirt. And those are his long-since-worn-out cowboy boots. Also Delilah's gloves.

he looks like a total NERD.

zin (c) me
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One more reason I need to date Cass--get me a shirt like that! I love that I think he looks rad when you say he's a nerd. It just confirms what I always knew *puts on nerd glasses*

Love the 'original' Zin hair, the double-button on the pants, and those long-lost cowboy boots. What color were they? I picture them as red reflexively, but I guess they wereprobably black or something? And it's so cute that he's been wearing collars ever since back then. Also, MAH GLOVES OH NOES.

Also, this is one more reasonI'm glad Hiero isn't still in high school...normally, I mean. Seriously, this may be just me, but he looks like he's throwing a flirty little look at some hulking punk oh wait that means Eve. Amalso a little surprised to see he had the eyebrow piercing that young, I was under the impression he got it later.

I guess it goes without saying he looks super cute as always...
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You don't need to date Cass to get a shirt like that - just be her friend, she's really sweet like that :> Max will probably get loads of cute stuff she'll probably never wear <33

They are black, it goes with everything. and he redid his entire look in 9/10th grade, not sure really... maybe the eyebrow is just a fakie, wouldn't be surprised. I wore fakies too :>

but of course you know i think it would be adorable with H/Z in HS together (hELLOO) and yes hes always cute thats the point D<
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