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Cry Some More by AerisVampire Cry Some More by AerisVampire
...Tantalus didn't get what he wanted.

and now, the pout of doom.

(Seriously now kid, if I can't draw Zin's vampire costume at that angle, I just can't do it. GET OVER IT, TANT, you psycho psycho ex!)

Sketched in about an hour, inked when I decided it'd look better that way. Thought that the trendy new black-outline-around-the-black-outlines would work for this pic, for as trendy and bitchwhinemoan as he is right now all because the original pose didn't turn out right. I swear I have never had a more high maintenance character than you D<
I have no intention of coloring this. If I do, it will just be shaded in pencil, which is not in fact coloring. This pic is just better in greyscale/BW, ok? If you want to color it for color practice, fine, but I shall not. His hair is black anyway, I'm not going to tackle that.

Tant (c) moi
rodentfanatic Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009
LOL, psycho ex. Quite like thc clothes, for vests are rad, and of course Tanty-poo has to to have his stripes. His head looks kinda big to me but that could be because he's skinny and standing to the side. And yes, with Tant pouting, it is indeed just BETTER in grayscale. I have such an awful urge to make the shirt a Zane-purple though, I admit.
AerisVampire Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009
Yeah, his head turned out a little big, but I don't care. He is tiny and slim, doesn't matter a whooole lot.
HAHAHA Tant in lilac. Yeah, that wouldn't go over well. But if he's already pouting, he's already pouting, may as well take advantage of him <3
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September 6, 2009
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