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All Eyes On Me by AerisVampire All Eyes On Me by AerisVampire
Tant is about 14 here. This is possibly the reason everyone hates Lou so much. Dunno. But this has to do with something. I have no idea - I don't ask questions, I just draw.

He was supposed to have consciences on either shoulder, but.. Zin just wasn't cooperating tonight :V

Unaltered greyed-out scan, so you can see how it almost really looks: [link]

(Please excuse the title; it means nothing. It's just the Goo Goo Dolls song I've had stuck in my head the whole time I've been drawing this)

Tant belongs to me. He's a good boy <3
rodentfanatic Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009
Oh, so THIS is why you were concerned about him. Yeah, I never considered how odd it is before now that he's got a brother with a fuck ton of guns and yet he hasn't blown his brilliant brains out...guess it's cause he has to stick around for his responsibilites. For another seven years, anyway. Love his little vans, and the sweater + cross combo actually makes me think of Mary, which makes me think of Priest!Tant. I guess the reason he doesn't wear it anymore is cause fatass probably took it. ANyway, the part I think I am most impressed with is the gun. I cannot draw anything geometric, let alone a fucking GUN, let alone someone HOLDING one. Lucy is over here laughing about how the recoil is going to break his puny wrists.
AerisVampire Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009
Yaaa, I noted that myself as well. BUT he's got plans, and as tempting as it is ("Are you making fun of my name again? This is getting obnoxious, okay?"), plans are plans and must not be interrupted.

The cross is totally a nod to priest tant, yes <3 He was just too plain with just his sweater and I thought it would be a nice touch. It does amuse me to think of Hiero ripping the chain off his neck with this bitter little pout :V

Surprisingly, the gun was pretty easy. Drew it without a reference so its probably actually pretty bad XD but at least you can tell its a gun, that's all that matters to me. And of course it's going to break his wrists, Lucy, but that happens at the same time it's going through the back of his skull, so it doesnt much matter <3
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