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Kasane Teto~ Drill Curl Tutorial

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Use my new tutorial instead I put more work into it, and you can actually read it easily!

Sorry if it is hard to read, I kind of made this in a rush. Owo

The whole description:
The drills are made from 16 gage wire curled. Wrapped in a thin craft plastic, & then I added part of a weft I folded it three times, slightly wider than the plastic and then I sewed the 3 layers together, (I used wefting thread) the weft was glued on to the wire/plastic base with (Clear DAP Kwik Seal - Kitchen & Bath Adhesive and a top coating of Got2b glued gel)
 (to avoid tangly drills, comb the weft as you glue it to the wire/plastic base)
~I actually used two parts of the weft for each drill because one wasn’t long enough (they were like Miku long) but I thinned out the ends that connected so it would be seamless~
. Then they are sewn directly through the plastic to the base wig. ~the freeze spray is only for the ahoge on the top of the wig. that part I had to weft in~

It would have been frustrating to wrap/glue the hair alone but my sister helped me glue the hair on.

(edit: I just thought of a way to cover the wire after almost 2 years.. it's so simple. Just glue a bit of weft to the wire before you put the plastic on.)

Now, I kind of want to make a new Teto wig. So that I can improve the base wig and cover the wire on the drills.
but it's a pita and not cheap so I'll wait. 
(Also, I look so derp in that pic at the bottom, it kills me.)

I was inspired mostly by this tutorial…

hard to find stuff: 
(You can also use 18 gauge but it bends out of shape easier…)

other stuff can be googled and ordered online mostly.
the wig I used was from Arda Wigs in the Maroon color.

(I also made a detachable Kasane Ted Drill Curl with some 18 gauge wire:…)

~~~Here are a few other ways to make Drill Curls~~~
(Mami with detachable drills)…
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Favorited just becuz its cute
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this is helpful......can long hair extensions work to? since the other day I saw these red colored hair extensions that reminded me of Teto's hair drills parts, I jest need to curl them. 
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Yeah, they should work just fine~
Here's a link to the wefts I used… (Maroon)
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This is super helpful! but I don't understand the 2nd part, cut 4 strips and glue them together... like glue 2 and 2 on each side of the wire? plz help, thanks.
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Well it depends on what kind of drills you are making and how long you want them to be.
To get what I needed length wise, I glued 4 pieces of plastic together to make a really long piece.
The plastic is only glued to the outside of the wire.
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this tutorial can help me for my Uni cosplay in july :D
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Thank you so much!!! I looked for it a long time :(((
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You can also use this to make Celeste from Danganronpa! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. You're a really nice person!!! ^_^<3
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this would also work for ted so I like it!
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OMG Thank you for this tutorial!!! *-*
I bought a Teto wig, but I don't like the curls... ._.
and now I see this tutorial *-*
Thank you so much~ x3
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The plastic I think would have warped the fiber, mine with a different method are doing that. I've also noticed in several other wigs with wig spirals that they are also have an issue with that. I think I may trouble shoot a wig with your method, if I end up covering the inside with your method, I'll definitely link you. Thanks for the feed back. :)
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Question: Is there a reason why you chose to leave the inside uncovered? I'm curious if it was because of the structural integrity of the curl.
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I had thought about covering the inside too but I already had enough trouble gluing the outside and was worried that I might mess it up if I tried I also wanted them to be as light as possible.
It might have been possible to do that if I could have found a way to start with the wire and plastic already glued together uncurled but I believe that the plastic would have warped if I had tried that way.
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Can this work for a Celestia (or whatever her name is) from Dangan Ronpa?
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I guess it could but the wig would be quite heavy and springy. (I saw some really nice wigs for her while doing research for this wig so maybe there's a specific tutorial for her wig or you could try the tape & wire method, [… ] I just don't know how strong the base for that is) The major con to my wig is that I couldn't find a way to make the drills detachable and it can't really be stored like my other wigs, so it stays on the manikin with a trash bag over it (which looks rather creepy) so I couldn't imagine how you'd be able to store a wig like that..
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Great tutorial!
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NICE! i like it very much!
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