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Ubuntu Light Themes 12.10



Many thanks for downloading the

Ubuntu Light Themes 12.10

for Windows XP !

This is an update to the Light themes by Freddi67 (who gave me permisson, thanks!) for Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal). This package includes:

  • the new widget styles that reflect the "smooth mathematical curves" of the Ubuntu font

  • bug fixes for misaligned clickable area of window buttons, progress bar, double-border of comboboxes, wrong font colors

  • a (bright) Radiance variant is now available in addition to Ambiance (dark hybrid)

  • now also toolbars are styled like on Ubuntu (however creating hybrid dark/bright themes on Windows is nearly impossible. If you encounter issues with the menu color in Ambiance, try Ambiance with dark toolbars or vice versa.)

Why Windows XP?

Although the theme is now refined enough to be used in Windows XP, it is mainly intended to augment the experience of running Windows applications within Linux. It is especially aimed for the compatibility layer Wine (which up to now supports the XP's themeing engine), as well as VirtualBox (where XP is still the Windows runtime of choice with a memory foot print of less then 70MB). Users of Windows 7 are already well-served with dpcdpc11's Ambiance theme.

The themes are Creative Commons licensed and it is encouraged to reshare them. Any sort of improvements/editions are also welcome, as well as potential packaging for the Software Center or Wine.

    How to use:

    • in Wine: Open the "Wine Configuration" dialog → Desktop Integration → Install theme...

    • on Windows: Copy the font files into %Windows%Fonts and the .theme file with its accompanying folder into %Windows%ResourcesThemes.
      • You always need to have a patched uxtheme.dll, for example with UXtheme Multi Patcher
      • then right-click on the Desktop → Display Properties → Appearance and select the theme and color scheme
      • you can get the window buttons on the left side using LeftSider
      • optionally right click on the task bar, then 'unlock' and move it to the top

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