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Commission Information by Aerija


Sketch - Half Body & Full Body

Commission for Royrocks: Full Body Sketch by Aerija Soleil and Pops by Aerija

Full - Half Body & Full Body

PA!Inigo by Aerija Dancing Yukata Inigo by AerijaWinter Prince Inigo by Aerija

Commission for AstralMiasma: Full Body by Aerija Commission for kekkeis: Full Body by Aerija Starlight Reading by Aerija Commission for Jaena: Half Body by Aerija

Chibis - Detailed & Simplified

Kitty Laslow Chibis by Aerija
Character Designs by Aerija Poppy Princess Redesign by AerijaCommission for KingCharis: Simple Chibi by Aerija

Aerija's Terms & Conditions

By purchasing my services, you agree to the following conditions below:


    • All payment will be made through PayPal in USD.
      • Payment will be through the Invoice feature on PayPal. I will send you, the buyer, an invoice.
      • Should you be unable to pay via invoice, please let me know in advance.
    • If payment is not received within three days of sending an invoice, the purchase will be canceled. 
      • The order will be processed after the service is rendered.
    • This purchase is a digital good and will not be shipped to an address.
    • Any unpaid work becomes exclusive to me and I can post that image at my own discretion.
    • For a non-sketch commission, half payment will be required after the sketch stage. Full payment will be required after the line art stage.
    • Full payment will be required for any sketch commission.
    • Work will be halted and the final image will not be sent until the order is paid in full.


    • Full refunds are not offered for non-sketch commissions after the sketch stage.
    • Refunds are not offered for sketch commissions once started.
    • The buyer may request a full refund if the commission had not yet been started.
      • I will notify you when I have begun work. You may request a full refund any time before that.
    • Should the buyer choose to pay half of the payment and cancel the commission during or after the sketch stage, but before the line art stage, a refund will not be given.
    • Should the buyer choose to pay in full during or after the sketch stage, a 50% refund will be given.
    • Should the buyer choose to pay in full during or after the line art stage, but before the third stage, a 25% refund will be given.
    • Refunds past the line art stage will not be given.


    • I retain all copyright to my works and am allowed to promote myself with it via self-promotion, samples, etc.
    • I cannot claim the Intellectual Property of your commission or reuse/resell the image for personal and commercial projects, unless discussed.
    • I reserve the right to refuse your commission for any matter that prevents me to complete it.

Commissioner - Personal Use

    • This purchase is for the buyer’s personal and non-profit use only. 
    • You may not claim the work to be your own, edit or set it up for redistribution.
    • You may not post my work elsewhere unless I am notified and properly credited.
    • For commercial use, please speak to me for further pricing information and fees.
      • Examples include, but are not limited to: redistribution, reproduction, use for an external project, for advertisement, for a video, to print and resell, etc.


    • Major changes will be restricted to the initial sketch stage. For any changes after the line art stage, there will be an added fee for labor costs.
      • Examples include, but are not limited to: pose changes, outfit changes, design changes, etc.
      • Up to two major changes during the sketch stage will be allowed.
      • Minor changes are acceptable pass the sketch stage, such as altering the hue and saturation of a color. However, depending on how numerous these minor changes are, an added fee will be charged.
      • Should the mistake be on my end, and the evidence was included in the initial batch of references you sent me or something I overlooked (as in a stray line or one too many fingers), I will fix it free of charge.
    • Backgrounds will be restricted to simple scenes or large props. 
      • Large props are considered to be objects that the character(s) can interact with. Examples of large props include, but are not limited to: sitting on a chair, laying on a bed, wielding a weapon, etc.
      • Smallish, handheld items are not considered to be large props if the character does not interact with them in a impactful way. Example: swinging a sword versus holding a purse.
    • Highly complex patterns may be simplified. If unsure whether a pattern is complex, check with me.
      • Examples include, but are not limited to: lace, floral pattern, tattoos, etc.
    • No graphically sexual images. 
    • No heavy mecha or ornate armor.
    • No hateful messages.


    • Visual references are required.
      • Written descriptions must be accompanied with visual references.
    • I will notify you when I have begun your commission.
    • I will send you four stages of WIPs: sketch, line art, flat color, final details.
      • Payment will be required after the sketch stage.
      • Each stage will be watermarked except for the final stage, should you pay in full.
    • After the final stage, I will email the full-size PNG file to you without watermark with the address you’ve given me.
    • I will post all commissions with a watermark to Deviantart and other sites.
    • Upon starting your commission, expect it to be completed within a week.
      • Should I need more time, I will notify you.
      • Note: accepting your commission does not yet mean I have begun your commission. 

If you need or prefer to contact me outside of Deviantart, please email me: artbyaer@gmail.com


If sending an email, please include the following:

  • Your title: Seeking Art Commission

  • Your content:

    • What you'd like drawn. For example: "I'd like Full Body Colored Sketch of my character."

    • Visual references.

    • How you'd like your commission to be draw or the mood conveyed.


Interested in something not offered here? Ask! I’m more than willing to discuss prices and pieces.


My Gallery of Examples!

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