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I was tagged by Odyrah 

#1. You must post the rules.
#2. Answer the 10 questions, then after you're done make up your own 10 for others to answer.
#3. Choose 10 people and put their icons in the journal.
#4. Do not do things like 'omg you are tagged now you have to read this'.
#5. EVERYONE that has been tagged must make their own journal entry (if they want to).

Ody asked
1. What's your all time favorite song?
    Dude, that's just mean.  I don't know that I can pick a single favorite song.  But, according to my phone This Beautiful Life by The Dear Hunter is my most played song.

2. Headbands or Pony tail holders?
    Pony tail holders.  I love wearing head bands but they tend to give me headaches. :(

3. If you had the chance to switch roles for a day with your mom/dad/guardian would you?
    Absolutely not.

4. Mayonaise or Miracle Whip?
    Neither, yuck. D:

5. Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing item you always wear if able and if so what is it?
    Not really.  I do have a Star Wars print dress that's my favorite thing to wear on the rare occasion I feel like wearing a dress.

6. Ever broke a bone?
    I've only ever broken a metatarsal.  I stepped on my foot funny and it just went snappity snap.

7. How do you take your tea if you drink tea?  If you don't drink tea, what's your favorite beverage?
    I drink coffee.  Lots and LOTS of coffee.  Usually lattes, but anything that's coffee or espresso + milk is good by me.

8. What's your ringtone right now?
    Whatever the phone is set to automatically.  My phone is almost always on vibrate or mute so I never hear it.

9. Do you have tattoos?
    No.  The only tattoo I've ever seriously considered getting is a guardian icon from ReBoot.

10. Stop and smell the flowers or keep on truckin'?

1. What's your middle name?
2. What's one thing people might be surprised to hear you're a fan of?
3. Do you have any pets?
4. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life.  What food do you choose?
5. Do you enjoy dressing up?
6. Are you ticklish?
7. What was your last dream (that you can remember) about?
8. Can you do any impersonations?
9. What's one scene (movie, TV show, book, whatever) that always makes you cry/emotional?
10. What pointless super power would you like to have?

I don't know who's active anymore or who's been tagged already. D:
Umm, I'll try...
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theRainbowOverlord Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Consider it done. :salute:
Aleiocus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, your answer to the last question was rather amusing! XD
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