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Published: October 30, 2015
Stolen from theRainbowOverlord

Comment with a character's name and I shall fill out the following points.
You can ask about any character of mine in my gallery: Elly, Ceres, Ruby, Jacques, Melanthe, Liana, Cassie, Sean, Sadie, Alina, Koyi

01. Full name:
02. Best friend:
03. Sexuality:
04. Favorite color:
05. Relationship status:
06. Ideal mate:
07. Turn-ons:
08. Favorite food:
09. Crushes:
10. Favorite music:
11. Biggest fear:
12. Biggest fantasy:
13. Bad habits:
14. Biggest regret:
15. Best kept secrets:
16. Last thought:
17. Worst romantic experience:
18. Biggest insecurity:
19. Weapon of choice:
20. Role Model:
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theRainbowOverlordHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know much about your other characters so definitely Sean...and maybe Cassie?
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aerieyenaHobbyist ArtistFeatured
01. Full name: Sean Walsh
02. Best friend: He tries to be friends with everyone and doesn't like to label any friend as better than another, so there's no one he would call his best friend, but on the Vanguards he is closest to Alexei.
03. Sexuality: Bi-curious
04. Favorite color: Orange
05. Relationship status: Brynja's boyfriend/hubby
06. Ideal mate: Playful, dorky, is the big spoon when cuddling
07. Turn-ons: Athletic body type, long hair, punk/goth/alternative fashion choices
08. Favorite food: Pepperoni pizza
09. Crushes: Brynja
10. Favorite music: EDM
11. Biggest fear: Losing his friends
12. Biggest fantasy: Being a well-known hero that people look up to and has a fan following
13. Bad habits: Holding "negative" emotions in; not letting people know if he's upset or hurt
14. Biggest regret:
15. Best kept secrets: He really enjoys otome games
16. Last thought: "Just a little more time!"
17. Worst romantic experience: The entirety of middle school.
18. Biggest insecurity: He's a scrawny little twig on a team full of people who look like real heros.
19. Weapon of choice: A gaming console controller. He will beat your ass in any video game, or so he claims.
20. Role Model:

01. Full name: Cassidy Martin
02. Best friend: None. She moves around too often and doesn't keep in touch with people. If she had to choose she would probably say dogs.
03. Sexuality: Hetero
04. Favorite color: Olive green
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: Laidback, good sense of humor, kind
07. Turn-ons: Tall (aka close to her height), dark haired, confident
08. Favorite food: Most green veggies, preferably raw
09. Crushes: None at the moment
10. Favorite music: Indie, folk, classic rock
11. Biggest fear: Dying alone
12. Biggest fantasy: Being able to focus on her artwork
13. Bad habits: Smoking (cigs, pot) and drinking to excess, loud knuckle/joint cracking
14. Biggest regret: Dropping out of high school.
15. Best kept secrets:
16. Last thought: "I'm ready for a good rest."
17. Worst romantic experience: A better question would be good romantic experience. Cassie's love life has mostly consisted of short lived flings and drunken hookups.
18. Biggest insecurity: She sometimes feels stupid and inadequate because she never finished her education. It usually surfaces when she's faced with a simple task she's unable to accomplish (math, spelling, etc)
19. Weapon of choice: Her legs
20. Role Model: Her mother, though she would never admit it
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theRainbowOverlordHobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, Sean! He's so cute! He wants to keep everyone happy and pushes away his own problems in process. Precious little cinnamon roll. ;w;
And yas! Brynja is totally the big buff spoon to his tiny lean spoon. <33 I love it.

Oh my heart, poor Cassie. ;A; She needs love and lots of hugs. Like stat. QwQ
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aerieyenaHobbyist Artist
Haha, yeah, he wants everyone else to be happy but part of it is cause he wants to be liked. He's totally googled himself and the Vanguards to see if he has any fans. >u>
He looooves snuggling with her and being the little spoon. He feels all safe and warm when she holds him. <3 ;u;

Cassie's pretty chill about everything. She doesn't really mind her situation. Like, having a place to stay would be cool but she'd feel claustrophobic. Having meaningful relationships is difficult since she moves around so much, but she usually makes friends over drinks and that's enough for her.
She crashes at the X-Mansion from time to time and has taught art there, but she gets antsy staying in one place for too long. Plus she can't smoke there.
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theRainbowOverlordHobbyist Digital Artist
I get that, everyone wants to be well-liked. I bet Halli found out and teased him about it but then made him a bit more involved in the social media accounts so he can get some limelight. :giggle:
That's such an adorable image. :squee:

Well, at least she's adjusted to her situation. But still all the hugs. ;w;