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The poll was tied between 300 and 250 when I started working so I decided to make it 275!  Here's a preview:
Pose1 by aerieyena

Hey, y'all!  I'm working on a new base set.  Right now it's around 400 pixels tall but I know that's too big for a lot of people so I'm considering shrinking it.  Here it is previewed at around 400, 300, and 250 pixels tall.  Which height would you most likely use it in?  Link to poll!

Sizes by aerieyena
I'll be in dollchat for a bit while I work on something.  Come join me!
I'll be in dollchat for a bit while working on a base.  Come chat me up!
So, after seeing some dolls on my bases used for money, I feel the need to clarify my base rules.

- Under no circumstances may you use dolls on bases to gain real money or DeviantArt points
- You may use dolls on my bases to gain fake forum currency
- Credit me with a link to my DA page wherever you post the doll
- Credit me even if your edits make the base unrecognizable
- You may use my bases for KiSS dolls or dress-up games
- You may frank my bases so long as the other bases you use allow franking

Not a rule, but I would love it if you showed me what you make on my bases!

As a side note, I took a couple of oooold bases and dolls out of storage. :)
Stolen from theRainbowOverlord

Comment with a character's name and I shall fill out the following points.
You can ask about any character of mine in my gallery: Elly, Ceres, Ruby, Jacques, Melanthe, Liana, Cassie, Sean, Sadie, Alina, Koyi

01. Full name:
02. Best friend:
03. Sexuality:
04. Favorite color:
05. Relationship status:
06. Ideal mate:
07. Turn-ons:
08. Favorite food:
09. Crushes:
10. Favorite music:
11. Biggest fear:
12. Biggest fantasy:
13. Bad habits:
14. Biggest regret:
15. Best kept secrets:
16. Last thought:
17. Worst romantic experience:
18. Biggest insecurity:
19. Weapon of choice:
20. Role Model:
I was tagged by Odyrah 

#1. You must post the rules.
#2. Answer the 10 questions, then after you're done make up your own 10 for others to answer.
#3. Choose 10 people and put their icons in the journal.
#4. Do not do things like 'omg you are tagged now you have to read this'.
#5. EVERYONE that has been tagged must make their own journal entry (if they want to).

Ody asked
1. What's your all time favorite song?
    Dude, that's just mean.  I don't know that I can pick a single favorite song.  But, according to my phone This Beautiful Life by The Dear Hunter is my most played song.

2. Headbands or Pony tail holders?
    Pony tail holders.  I love wearing head bands but they tend to give me headaches. :(

3. If you had the chance to switch roles for a day with your mom/dad/guardian would you?
    Absolutely not.

4. Mayonaise or Miracle Whip?
    Neither, yuck. D:

5. Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing item you always wear if able and if so what is it?
    Not really.  I do have a Star Wars print dress that's my favorite thing to wear on the rare occasion I feel like wearing a dress.

6. Ever broke a bone?
    I've only ever broken a metatarsal.  I stepped on my foot funny and it just went snappity snap.

7. How do you take your tea if you drink tea?  If you don't drink tea, what's your favorite beverage?
    I drink coffee.  Lots and LOTS of coffee.  Usually lattes, but anything that's coffee or espresso + milk is good by me.

8. What's your ringtone right now?
    Whatever the phone is set to automatically.  My phone is almost always on vibrate or mute so I never hear it.

9. Do you have tattoos?
    No.  The only tattoo I've ever seriously considered getting is a guardian icon from ReBoot.

10. Stop and smell the flowers or keep on truckin'?

1. What's your middle name?
2. What's one thing people might be surprised to hear you're a fan of?
3. Do you have any pets?
4. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life.  What food do you choose?
5. Do you enjoy dressing up?
6. Are you ticklish?
7. What was your last dream (that you can remember) about?
8. Can you do any impersonations?
9. What's one scene (movie, TV show, book, whatever) that always makes you cry/emotional?
10. What pointless super power would you like to have?

I don't know who's active anymore or who's been tagged already. D:
Umm, I'll try...
theRainbowOverlord IridescentStardust XMarleauxX Shixam dnya TheThirdAct innatedreamer mouldyCat krahka HeatheryAmethyst
I took my last nursing school test today... and I passed.
I graduate on the 10th. <3

Imma do a happy dance nao.

I recently got married to an amazing, talented, beautimous man who makes me super happy.
I know there were a few peeps who were interested, so if you'd like you can check out our photos here.
You're free to add me on facebook, too, if we're not already friends.  Just send me a message letting me know who you are. :P
As the only contest entrant, theRainbowOverlord wins by default with her super cute Halli Base.  Go and use it!

I know there are a couple of y'all who had almost finished your entries, but I can't extend any further as I won't have the time to work on prize dolls. :(
Heylo again.
So, I've still only received one contest entry.  I'll extend a little further and go until the end of the month, but I won't go any further so please try and get your entry in.
Thanks, guys. :)
Hey, guys, just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be extending my base making contest from Nov 30 to Dec 14.
I've only received one entry so far... so get working on yours!
Amg, y'all have all made me so happy by being interested. :iconlawooplz:

The contest is to create a fullbody base set containing 3 different poses.

1. Just to restate myself, the bases must be fullbody; no portraits.
2. There must be three different poses.  No more, no less.
3. The set must be 100% yours.  That means no tracing, even with permission.
4. It must be 100px tall or greater.
5. It must be humanoid.  No pony or animal bases.
6. The set doesn't have to be shaded; tool shaded bases won't be accepted.
7. It must be a new base set.

Don't let the rules of this contest limit your creativity.  If you want to make a portrait to match your fullbody base, go for it!  If you want to make more than 3 poses, please do!
Just for the sake of this contest and ease of judging.. I ask that y'all stick to the rules as stated above.  If you do decide to go all out, please select only 3 fullbody poses for me to judge.

:la: Prizes!!! :la:

1st place
A doll on the Glam exclusive by dnya or similarly sized base OR two dolls on Ramona or similarly sized base.
A colored drawing by poojipoo.
75 :points:

2nd place
A doll on Ramona or similarly sized base.
50 :points:

3rd place
A doll on Ramona or similarly sized base.

Public Choice
10 :points:

All entries will be featured in my journal.
If you're interested in donating prizes, please let me know!

The main thing I'll be looking for is variety in the poses and consistency.

End date: Saturday Nov 30; possible extension to Saturday Dec 14.

To submit your entry, either comment on this journal with a link to the deviation or send me the link in a note!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :D

I've been wanting to hold one but I didn't know if anyone would be interested... so, any takers?
...yeah.  Like the title says. XD

So, I'm totally obsessed with making custom clothes.. I spend more time doing that than actually playing the game!  I've been posting my creations here if anyone is interested.  I'd love suggestions for other clothes to make.  It's sooooo much fun~

Send me a note and let's exchange friend codes! :D
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My AIM account has been hacked.  If someone messages you from my username just ignore it. XD
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happy momma's day

Journal Entry: Sun May 13, 2012, 8:30 PM

happy momma's day to all my friends who are mommas :dummy:

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It's sickening to me to see a tracer tell a doller that they can't use a base because they're not good enough.  I've seen plenty of tracers who put comments in their rules saying that you must take time when dolling, but to go so far as to say that someone must be at a certain skill level to use a traced base is absurd.  Tracing requires no skill.  Absolutely none.  I can't even begin to understand such absurd elitism.
And, really, how can someone improve their skills if they're denied resources?  I mean, if a base isn't open to the public, it shouldn't be posted publicly.  Plenty of dollers make private bases that are given only to their friends.  It's a different story when you put it on DA for everyone to see.

In other news, traced bases have been popping up on the front page.  It's been a comedy goldmine.  Check out the recently popular bases in the traced section if you need a good laugh.  To any of you tracers who are angry about being trolled, here's a suggestion for you: stop tracing.  A bad original base is still 10x better than a well executed traced base.

I apologize if this offended anyone, but I felt the need to rant.

Aaaand, since seeing dolls on my bases puts a smile on my face, here's some dolls on my newest base:
:thumb295938809: Her Theme Song by BellaTheGod Magenta by AxxKat
Thanks for using!
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I am going to feature 30 people in this journal.
After the first 30 deviants comment, I will choose 3 of their pictures I like the best and put them in my journal.
But if you want to get featured you have to do this in your journal as well, with the first feature being me.

Starry Night by phoenix1784 LMP round 2 by phoenix1784 B.C. round one by phoenix1784

Merz Mermaid Set by Odyrah A Little Bit Stronger by Odyrah Gunslinger by Odyrah

A Walrusey Dream Come True by mokia-sinhall Kitchen Experiments by mokia-sinhall The Ringmaster by mokia-sinhall

Claudia Julii by BrokenOphelia Brego by BrokenOphelia The Phoenix Rises by BrokenOphelia

Barbarian by ToxicKiba Girl Next Door by ToxicKiba :thumb285271618:

Blood Elf by Orange-Bubbles Princess Peach by Orange-Bubbles Chell - Portal 2 Pixel Doll by Orange-Bubbles

Chocolate Covered Cherry by weasel420

Mature Content

Dance, Baby, Dance by weasel420
Happy Easter by weasel420