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[DL] Zecora Overhaul

UPDATE!!! :iconbeardeddoomguy: has enhanced the model with his Luna rig, jigglebones and new UV. No more updates here, all the rights are now moved to the new respectful owner.
Here's the download link:…

You didn't expect this one, right? But I did, cus I need it badly for a video. And I want to share it.
:iconponinnahka: has done a wonderful job with its old version, thank you a lot.
All I did is put the body texture where it belongs to be, modded some vmt files for shading and AO and, finally, made her eyes ROTATE! YEEEEEHHAAAA!!! Zecora's eyes are rotating, yo see?
And yus, she now has ViewTarget!
The author also mentioned :iconveryoldbrony: for making the original Zecora/anyzebra mesh. Thank you, man! Thank you a lot.

Now animate with her a pleasant toon
Until you're banished to the moon!

Zecora Ⓒ Xyusbro
© 2014 - 2022 AeridicCore
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hi there I was wonder if you can help me get this model. I really need this model if you can maybe reupload

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Yeah this link is broken!

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When i try to download this from:

Shows the following error:

' {"code":415,"message":"unsupported image format","payload":null}'

And nothing happens.

Can you reupload it?


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The download link to DBG's version isn't working.

Is anyone else having an error pop-up when you click the download link?

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well done <33333333333333333333333333333333333333 are you maby making the  chrisalys-future verson in the future:)?
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I would like to know how to put her in gmod, I tried with queen chrysalis but failed cause I have only ever used blender with mmds and objs not Mdl...?
cowboy-johnny's avatar

Yeah, that video is unavailable.

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 Do you do point commissions?
AeridicCore's avatar
Yep, all the info is at my page.
how do i put this into Gmod?
Pegasister1029's avatar
Well, she's a bit too tall.....but other than that, it's AMAZING!
shyflutter's avatar
nice pony

could you try making ponies with smaller heads if you ever gonna update?
can you put this on the Steam workshop? (for people who are helpless without it)
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That's not in my plans this month. And it's problematic for me to put things on workshop. Those who want to own it just need to know where the download button is, and a bit of brain of course.
what about next month? if not, can you let someone else do it? (I have tried to do it without the workshop and it ALWAYS doesn't work)
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I may do it myself later. May.
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Oh, good. Zecora was one model that the new Gmod was crashing on. Thanks for making a new version.
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Make sure it doesn't crash anything. I'm remaking her soon, so as to be sure i fixed the most bugs.
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The model was originally ported by Poninnahka, not el-tigre-fan-club. She just made the picture.
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