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[DL] Sunset Shimmer Overhaul

By AeridicCore
Everyone used to overhaul the models that I overhauled just to fix the shit I did there instead of improving. Well, this is not gonna happen now.
Introducing Sunset Shimmer Overhaul. The final one.

The things that have been done (if you don't get the code):
-New custom mane and tail. Yes I know, someone has prepared Crowbar for this case. I don't care, tis on thy conscience.
-Jigglebones. The old model had jiggles. This does either. This is a great step towards the progress.
-Bodygroupped crown, as some guy at SFMP_Ru requested.
-As usual, GMod and SFM compatible.

My gratitude to:
:iconcobbaltco: - for the model to improve.
:iconbeardeddoomguy: - for the custom Sunset Shimmer ref.
:iconponinnahka: - for v4 pony generation.

Wonder, why the heck the preview is machinery-stylized?
Ponipolis is coming...

product => hasbro
rights_reserved = 1
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Hey, did you take the download down? The link is broken, but it might just be my computer, and I'm not saying 'Did you take it down?!' like yelling, just wondering.
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Hi there. Do you have your overhauls uploaded on Steam Workshop? I am asking because I'm using MAC, and not sure if "manual" insertion of files is possible on them.
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Can I have permission to use the mane and tail from this model for a fallout 4 mod plugin? I'm trying to make a mane and tail addon for Crimes Against Nature.
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Any suggestions for converting this into DAZ, or should I just convert to the mesh to OBJ and then just rerig?
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No idea what DAZ is.
Use the googlemachine.
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Daz is DAZ Studio.
And I asked because there wasn't anything clear in regards to that on El Goog.
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Hey that's actually pretty good. It's like SFM what it should be.
Never heard of it anyway but there's much tutorials on converting stuff like this to DAZ in the internets. I might look up on these later as well, I was going to make a channel about posing and animating pones in better environments anyway.
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How do i download this?
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Stop spamming this over and look aroud for a download button.
ponymph's avatar
do you do commissions
ponymph's avatar
can you do my pony it might be too hard
AeridicCore's avatar
Send me a reference
ponymph's avatar
where I'm new to this
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so...where's the download link?
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on the right side there is a button that says "download"
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tf_awesomeness_level = 9001
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awesomeness = true
altairVXsub115's avatar
download isn't working for me
are there certain steps for this particular model or am I doing something wrong
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You're either not even trying to download or just don't get a thing how to import custom models to SFM/GMod.
altairVXsub115's avatar
I do know how to download I've been doing it for a while now

Ill try deleting the model I've got already and redownload this one 
that could work:D (Big Grin) 
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