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[DL] Stallions Source Pack

Stallions Pack Overhaul opens the Day 4 of the Week Of 3Dgy Stuff.

So what has been done:
- Fixed the tongue out flex.
- Fixed the phymodel line.
- Added some more flexes and tuned up the old ones.
- Decreased the amount of vertices in the model because of compatibility reasons. The older version is now called male_experimental_hipoly.dmx
- Added normal male DMX file with additional flexes, detriangulated mesh, tuned up rigging and absolute symmetry.
- Removed beta status

Three more 3Dgy things upcoming. Buy a Season Pass and avoid the rush.
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Before I say anything important, I should make a statement.

I hate eyeposing.

So here it is, the male reference pack I've been working on (while shamelessly making my own OC at the same time). What has been done:

- I reproportioned the body so that the head doesn't overweight the whole thing. Actually I just tweaked the bodyshape a bit and decreased the head size. Less space for brains, much better look. 
- Polycount has been doubled (you see the pic), edgy deformations are no more.
- All v4 flexes that females have are also included except the one I talked about recently. Also these flexes act a bit differently and better in my opinion. Eyebrows not included yet.
- The base and everything applied to it has been made into dmx for better compiling.
- The UV remains the same, you can recompile any pony you want without loss. Well, almost without it.

I tested this on Strider, it works both in SFM and GMod. Hooray.

DO NOT TRY TO COMPILE USING SFM's studiomdl.exe OR YOUR RIGHT EYE WILL NOT BE WORKING. SFM compiler fucks up things pretty much, better use TF2 or GMod compilers instead.

:iconaeridiccore: - eating, drinking, profanity, modeling.
:iconlocksto: - thanks for guidance and being around, honey.

If problems happen, post in the comments or Note me. DON'T EVEN TRY TO NOTE ME IF YOU HAVE NOT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST IDEA ON HOW TO COMPILE AT ALL.

Ayy lmao.
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BluScoutit's avatar
When will be V5 ?
StarsaviorEversoul's avatar

is that gmod capable?

BluScoutit's avatar
oh oki thx i didnt saw that
Futurehunter98's avatar
How to reposition the mane?
powder-sugar's avatar
Thanks so much for this, Aeridic and Locks! :D
Is there a way to sculpt custom hair in say, SculptGL or Sculptris and import it back in? :)

I wanted to sculpt custom manes for my pony models since they're specific manestyles.
CraKilsBay's avatar
i was really laughed how i dont read the warning by using SFM's Studiomdl.exe XD
damn my eyes are hurt 
     but thx for your DL  
ponces245's avatar
link download?
jeremalice's avatar
i cant find any of your downloads
ALMarkAZ's avatar
I think you forgot to add phymodel_male_experimental to the pack.
Theres just phymodel_male_medium_tail.
AeridicCore's avatar
I removed it on purpose. It doesn't require a custom phymodel anymore.
ALMarkAZ's avatar
ALMarkAZ's avatar
Dude, this is good shit, I think Im gonna finaly update my horse.
GreenMint4265's avatar
Huh. Sounds interesting. Good job on this Overhaul! :) :D
Hero361's avatar
Reminds me oneday i need to get my ponysonas updated with this new stuffs and make a proper pony of me, one without the crazy abilities
TsuriaDragon's avatar
this will work on all current male stallions?
AeridicCore's avatar
It should, try it.
TsuriaDragon's avatar
I will hope it can work on my OC 
AeridicCore's avatar
Note me if it doesn't.
And it seems I'll have to fit your armor I still owe you to it, right?
TsuriaDragon's avatar
Yup still waiting for that one lol oh did I tell you the colors for it?
TsuriaDragon's avatar
I guess I'm worried that the golden color of the original won't look shiny don't want it too look dim
TsuriaDragon's avatar
Hmmm difficult to tell without seeing it properly but wanted it to be black armor with golden plates instead of the green color plated.…
Chatterbeast's avatar
Ah, Very good! I wonder what ponies will fit this source base?
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