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[DL] Shining Armor

By AeridicCore
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Upd.: double checked the materials. Don't even try to complain now.

Finally - an awesome collab between the pony modelers. Hooray.
I still must finish a comission. Damn. But the world needs this stallion more.
He has custom mane and tail, as usual. He also has armor modeled by :iconcroco322: (check out this guy, he's badass) and imported to Source by :iconponinnahka:. The base with these hoofy hooves was made by :iconyoksaharat:, I modified it a bit to be v4.

The armor separately:
[DL] Male armor model by Croco322
Time to ship him with Twilight.

Shining Armor & MLP (c) Hasbro
© 2015 - 2021 AeridicCore
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I'm kinda looking for a separate armor (preferably both solar and lunar guard), but the link here doesn't work anymore. Would you know where I could get some?
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Is this download virus free?
AeridicCore's avatar
I infected it as well, hue hue hue.
But really, how about you stop asking that stupid question and skidaddle the fuck out of comments?
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I'm sorry. It isn't that I don't trust these models, I'm just very nervous about what may happen to my computer. My last computer got hacked cuz it had a virus on it, and now I'm trying to be as careful as I can do it won't happen again with my new computer. Sry I got you mad over this.
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permission to include Shining's mane and tail in my fallout 4 mane and tail addon?

Edit: Oh wait it's you again. lol gotcha credited for the ones I used.
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I'll admit while I don't really care for MLP. This is pretty decent. :-3
Can you put this on the gmod workshop?
jeroen01's avatar
It works for GMod anyway...
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Wait, at the bottom of the description, why does it say "Time to ship him with Twilight"?MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam 
ponysoldier12's avatar
hmm dose the armor have SMD or QC files? just wondering
Cyborg-06952's avatar
Any source files for the mane and tail?
Cyborg-06952's avatar
and why not? I want to make an OC for a friend of mine and I love to use you as credit
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I've made the model not for the purpose of some shitty OC's.
You're free to decompile him, but that will be mean, at least.
Cyborg-06952's avatar

I HIGHLY resent that, sir. trying to make an OC that doesn't suck it takes a lot of effort.

but as you wish, we will try.
AeridicCore's avatar
If you wanna a non-sucking OC, model the hair yourself.
Cyborg-06952's avatar
that's what I just got done saying. 

nice talkin' to ya. :/
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Meh, a proper Shining Armor model would need a new, buffer stallion base to look good... But i guess that would be extremely hard (Or very time consuming) to do.
AeridicCore's avatar
Maybe both.
Still it's not a big deal to just scale him.
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Ia! Ia! Shining fhtagn!
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