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[DL] Sassy Saddles

And here comes the final model of the Week Of 3Dgy Stuff! Ladies and non-ladies, welcome the Day 7's new pony - Sassy Saddles.

7days by AeridicCore 

This is the one I had to make really fast, I was a bit overdue with her for a VIP channel. But thankfully, I still did her good.
She has a custom body which I made of Joey's Luna (no, it's no luna anymore, though it looks like it, she's smaller and her face is round, decompile and compare), Custom mane and tail with vector textures (that mane texture I swear to god) and a dres with saddle, both are bodygroups.
It was quite a challenge to make her in a short time.

:iconmr-tektite: - thanks for commissioning this.
:iconbeardeddoomguy: - I used your decompiled horses to make more Hasbro OCs >:^)
:iconsourcerabbit: - nice preview, m8

An this concludes my weekly contribution. Thanks to all supporters who purchased the Season Pass. I can now afford more whiskey to celebrate a recently built PC.
Season Pass is now gone, as well as the eyes pack. Don't worry though - the next Week Of 3Dgy Stuff will bring it back.

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wait, this isn't a Fan-made character?!
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Your week idea looks like Warframe's style... but the prizes are way better :)
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yay, a 3D Sassy Saddles model :D she looks rather stunning as usual
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Wolla, another Canterlot businessmare attends to you.

The Stash, nice set of chores you made there. :) I wonder if Thorax will be next, and of course the new changelings.
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Thank you for making this! I've been waiting a long time for a 3D model of her! :D
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Hell of a great job with all these models! Keep it up man!
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Damn son, you've been on fire lately with the releases! Keep it up!
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that's her name?....

i see why...
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Oh there you are
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Stick a pin in it, she's done!
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The pin lady's here. :P
AbbyQuake's avatar
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Can't wait for more.
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Finally, she's here.
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