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[DL] Princess Ember

- Added the collision model. She is now fully GMod compatible.
- Fixed the r_suspicious not showing up properly.
- Repainted the weights on her body, now they will not tear up the texture anymore, esp. inbetween her legs.
- Optimised the bone display and position. When using rigs and animation cycles that have been done before this update, please be aware that something might go wrong. Animation cycles' authors should make a revision.
- Added jigglebones to her... hair? Whatever. And to the tail tip.
- People asked if I can attach a helmet to a separate bone. Unfortunately I couldn't do that, cause it freaked out and spawned in front of her head instead of being on it and I couldn't fix that. But I went the smarter way and... made a helmet prop! Which is also included in the update. Now praise me.


*emerges at the horizon, covered in blood, compressed textures and mesh parts*
You thought I can't make a good FULLY CUSTOM character model? Well here she goes.

I know I'm late, but who cares while my stuff is the best?
This model is a result of :iconjack27121: and mine collaborative effort. Though I think it would be faster if I made her alone, but still I'm glad we worked on this together. He saved my ass several times when I needed to go out or make an urgent commission.
So, what we have here is an almost ready dragon base, with most v4 flexes and eyebrows' variations retained. Why not all of them? Cause some look quite the same on dragons, or it's just me. I'll look into it.
Her armor parts are all bodygroupped and will replace tail and head spike parts accordingly. So whatever you put on and off, she'll look okay.
Also thanks to Stan we have a good looking head, which is unfortunately not true-to-show but the adorbzz~

To-do list:
- GMod port (URGENT!)
- Armature tweaks

- Maybe more flexes?
- Or even head and tail things jiggles? Cause they look like dragon hair. Weird.
- A better Spike

:iconaeridiccore: - general modeling, flexes, armature, eyeposing, texture detailing, preview pic, being a lazy fuck
:iconjack27121: - head part, body shape tweaking, texturing, compiling, bug checking
:icontsuriadragon: - testing out the model
:iconbeardeddoomguy: - your Spike is ugly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Once I'm done tinkering -  there be dragons (!) sourcefiles and her private NSFW version available for 40$. But for now... gotta sleep and drink booze. As always.
Ayy lmao.
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What’s the file type. Also does it include the bloodstone scepter

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How long did this model take to make?
dragonnova52's avatar
can you make more extra bone like cheek,eyes lid lower and upper,because i must make convert  to mmd.
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
How do you get the model into Garry's Mod?
superspyro90's avatar
is it possible to make a version of this for VRChat
Asm0dias's avatar
as long as you rig your own skeleton yes. May take some work on the eyes and vizemes.
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Can you give more information?
ArkSalazarX31's avatar
i mean, the format is for Xnalara or Xps?
jeroen01's avatar
I've no idea where your talking about.
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Is the NSFW version still available? I'm really interested in this one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Her tongue is upside-down. Can you fix that?
Shadey44's avatar
Twist it sideways 180° and point it down vertically instead of up.
Shadey44's avatar
I meant diagonally.
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does she come with her staff?
TheFerbguy's avatar
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Not 100 % sure if this is an uptodate version
jeroen01's avatar
Atleast its a good start
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Is there a playermodel version of this or is this only a ragdoll? This model's amazing. ^^
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I have to say I really love how you did the model ^^ all of you and it work so brilliant, I may sound odd but would you be able to do just the wings, cause I kinda need just the wings and they are a good size and I love them, I can't find any good wings and I like to ask, if you don't want to I understand
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