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[DL] Nyx Overhaul

Upd: known issues fixed, got to hurry with dat and ask some friend to rewrite the vmt

Aaand here she goes, after days of my procrastination, thanks to stupidity, WildStar and studies.
Did you know that applying so many changeable parts to a pony is actually possible? Now you know. What you see on preview is all the same model. She has 12 skins - for both cutiemarked and blank version with normal and... natural eyes. And bodygroups!
Next is gonna be Snowdrop. If you still want a stream, I'm gonna stream. Well, I just know that most of you couldn't care less.

Thanks :iconherostrain: for the preview, u forgot to showcase the normal eyes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Old Nyx model was made (and cleansed from dA) by :icondillydong:

Nyx is an Original Character from the story written by :iconpenstrokepony:

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2) Or on Patreon

See ya.
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Gm Construct0000 by OfficialPoneShimmer  
For the small eye texture (Skin 8 and 11 for gmod) it is experiencing missing textures in the sclera right side. picture provided shows the missing purple and black texture.
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i fond it how to do it but is the right file in put in the folder!
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is need a password for unlock it for my 7-zip if i want to use it in gmod!
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I would like to see Nyx in adult form on gmod and she would be the new addision to the royal alicorn family and be better than what she used to be in the past. But it's only an idea for an adult Nyx for gmod but really nice model of her in her filly form
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how do you download this and put it in gmod?
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I think I need to rethink my colour choices
Can you put this on the steam workshop?
Are her natural eyes supposed to be like that? I thought that they were similar to Nightmare Moon's eyes (turquoise with the whites of them being a lighter shade of turquoise) I was just pointing out a minor detail. I mean no disrespect
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Download the model and see it yourself
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any idea how to refresh gmod so I can use this model?

I'm somehow still getting the old one with the same file name.
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Unsubscribe from the old one and install this.
My pack overwrites the old models.
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Found my problem, Work shop addon was in the way.
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Put This Nyx to use already! Thanks! 
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Is it me or does it really look the same? I downloaded the new CMC but it looked the same
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The new version overwrites the old one. Unsubscribe from the old one in Workshop.
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I just figured that out
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Do you think you can remake the enderpony that used to be in the gmod workshop? I miss that little guy.
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I'm not that much of a Minecraft fan, frankly. Though I do play sometimes, I'm not sure if the model's worth the effort.
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Looks like we got the old model and the new model too. :) NICE WORK, mate! :thumbsup:
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Aaron this looks amazing :D
!2 skins, 12 times the cute. 
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