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[DL] Lord Tirek

Modelers never die, they just take a nap.
Introducing Lord Tirek, the nasty guy we've been waiting for a damn year, or maybe a year and a half, I don't remember, I even forgot what season he's from, lol.

After Longsword97 finally released his Tirek files into public, I got a chance to play around with them. I've found IVenBee's version the most appealing, yet there were some nasty imperfections that I couldn't bear. So I retopologized the model, like I did with Discord, and made a few changes to it, following canon Tirek vectors. This way I've remade the whole hair (including beard and tail), shaped a better nose and added a nosering. I've also made a better anatomy for the thicc part.

And ye, on the face.
I've made the v4 flexes, like I always do, but here I've decided to leave most of them split into left and right. Like, now the open/close jaw flexes will be able to applied misproportionally, allowing you to experiment with better faceposing. But I should warn you that not all the flexes halves are meant to be set to 1 all by itself, because the teeth may clip and so on.

And I finally figured how to set fingerposing for GMod, ye, this took me 3 years. Dumbass.

Now someone please make a 3D mlp season finale blockbuster drama movie, and I'll go get myself some popcorn, ramen and whiskey, I almost feel like I deserve these for all I did. Except popcorn and ramen. 
Turntable available here:

I WILL NOT be making any other Tirek forms (at least for now), don't bother asking.

:iconlongsword97: and :iconivenbee: - thanks for providing materials for me to use.
:icondaimando: and :icontishadster: - thanks for sponsoring me to make this and for testing the prerelease builds.
:icontyraka628: - thanks for testing the prerelease builds.
:iconsourcerabbit: - thanks for the aewsome preview, m8.

Now I wonder where did all my modeling magic go so suddenly? I have orders to finish...
© 2017 - 2022 AeridicCore
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hi Aeridiccore, can I get .blend file with shape key for this model.

So, I can using in blender.

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redownloading this XD. Now Twilight can have her grudge match round 2 against him.

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are their any mlp centaurs templates, or bases, that can be used for oc's, or they need to be custom designed ??????
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Ещё дополнительно нужен Тирек слабый, который в плаще ещё.
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i think i would only download this to kick tirek's ass because NOPONY messes with strange quarks adoptive mother(celestia)
strange-quark59's avatar
the origin story for my oc is that Celestia found him on her balcony as a REALLY young colt(like 1 or two years old) coinciding with a ufo sighting (aliens dropped him off after picking him up god knows where) and celestia decided to raise the young colt as her own i am writing a fanfic around my oc the first chapter(prologue really) goes through strange quark's childhood starting from the night celestia found him so strange quark almost never refers to the two sisters as princess celestia or princess luna he always calls celestia "mom" and he calls luna "aunt luna" i guess since blueblood is celestia's nephew it makes him strange quarks cousin (i make it clear at some point that strange quark HATES his cousin due to blueblood being whiny and flaunting his royalty status thinking he is somehow superior to everypony trust me strange quark doesn't just have one of those "go away" type of grudges its more along the lines of "i wish you would die" kind of hatred at some point strange quark is relieved when an alien ship crashes on top of his annoying cousin that way he doesn't have to deal with blueblood's shit anymore)
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Dude Cringefest's long over, I think you're a bit late with this one.
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My oc backstory gets a gun and shoot herself, end.
Veryfluffy's avatar
The background story of my OC is that she got batshit drunk and woke up in ponyville. then she went back to her house she bought because she works in the deepest saltmines and she made a coffee. She also hates spiders.
strange-quark59's avatar
out of the three of us why do i feel like I'm the one with the sweetest/most emotional/thought out backstory?
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My oc's backstory is that she's the son of Luna, she powered up to a level 600 ninja and is best friends with Naruto. His parents were killed by her sister and that awakened her sharingan. When she got older, a bug eyed creature showed her the way down to the Aokigahara forest. She had trained with a tall and muscular creature who had held a camera in one hand. As she bought his merch, she returned to ponyville to find his brother. When they fought, she released her ransengan killing his sister. A man in pink gave her a diamond sword for him to swing and strike down her enemies. As the years went by, she had been the god of all ponies, no one was more stronger than him. However she soon learned that ponyville was spawning ponies that shouldn't exist in his world, therefore he brought down the hammer of thor and loki, striking down every evil doer that dares spawn in her world.

Then he had a pie.

My pony's name is Sodop 'Tsnao
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a man in pink? is he idubbbz by any chance? not bad in terms of backstory... 
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The Download link is broken
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Nevermind it's working again
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Trying to use this model in Gmod but for whatever reason, downloading the .rar and extracting it to the addon folder isn't working.  Is there a step I'm missing?
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Try extracting them into their respective Models and Materials folders
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How do I do that?  Sry first time doin sdomething like this XD
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Is this model safe to download and virus free?
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No it's a kernel trojan I uploaded on purpose to hack everyone and make them deposit all of their dollarz onto my PayPal and their points on my damn dA account.
Works as you see.
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:icongenieplz:/:iconmlpdiscordplz: Who's laughing now?

:iconjafarplz:/:iconmlptirekplz: I believe it's me!
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