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[DL] Evil Royal Counterparts

UPDATE! Both models upgraded to v5, moreover - GMod versions are v5 now too! I've also fixed Tia's eyes and Luna's metal envmaps.

The spree continues.
These two cruel royal horses from the official IDW comic will make you rue the Day 3 of the Week Of 3Dgy Stuff.


Thanks to this particular release I figured out how to make cubemaps of my own (and even skyboxes!) and how to outline models to make em look anime-ish. The more you know.
I also was very slow with making these, now you can clearly see that it was a marketing plan aimed to release several items at once in order to attract more traffic to my page and make leads into customers... Whoops, spoilers.
But well, I did 'em good.

Credit time:
:iconouranoscaelus: - thank you for commissioning these.
:iconbeardeddoomguy: - I decompiled your Tia and Luna to make these horrible IDW OCs. Be proud of me papa.
:iconselestlight: - thanks for the preview pic, kiddo

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The comics are amazing at doing different timelines and alternate universes!

Kyoshyu's avatar
Ahaha, excellent. :)
Wooshi4's avatar
I've got to control my excitement and my patience!
Krellak's avatar
are these models rigged?
serious-sam-64-64's avatar
I can't download it, everytime I try it says it doesn't exist...
HerrDoktorSteam's avatar
Have you tried reloading the page and clicking the download button as soon as it loads in? It seems like DA has a invisible timer that disables the download after the page has been up for a bit.
serious-sam-64-64's avatar
HerrDoktorSteam's avatar
Yeah, I wished someone told me, but I had to figure it out on my own. I'm glad I helped. Stay awesome. :D
serious-sam-64-64's avatar
I appreciate the assistance, and thank you.
MasterAnimash1996's avatar
Some of the eye Flexes don't seem to be working right.
dragonrider1984's avatar
are these skins or models ? if skins what model do i need to add them too ?
my friend doesn't think she looks evil enough
WyattStoneNCC96230A's avatar
"For now we see  through a glass darkly..."
kirbymlp's avatar
Ooh! Does that mean you've done reversalis as well? Please tell me you did her as well? >.<
Mr-Tektite's avatar
Can someone sum up the existance of these two to me. I dont read any mlp comics and i havent watched this last season of the show
RetiredAccount984's avatar
I do not use SFM at all. I am a Blender creator. Ma i use this in blender? If you don't want to send the blend file i can convert it myself. Just wondering if you are alright with it. Though i must say and warn of one thing. I love to re texture things to add realism.
GallifreyanGirl15's avatar
I have been WAITING for ages for this!! :D
bbbbc12345's avatar
I seem to have an odd issue with eviltia's eyes when using roottransform to decrease her size as a whole, they get all out of place. D:
AeridicCore's avatar
Use it on the whole model, not just RootTransform.
And I'm not sure rescaling works well with eyes at all.
bbbbc12345's avatar
Aye, did so, still has that issue. It seems that when her neck gets to a certain size too small, her eyes go white. Luna works perfectly in comparison though
AeridicCore's avatar
That's weird. I'll see into it, cause Sassy had the same issues.
bbbbc12345's avatar
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