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[DL] Equestria Girls Dresses for Ponies

One of those releases I delay as much as possible for reason not known even to me.
Here are some EqG dresses. I know that girls never really turned back to ponies in their newly found outfits so it's a fanmade concept. And since they are in demand, why not give them away?

Initially they were commissioned by Blackbelt2297 (and took a while to make cus im lazy shite). He allowed me to make the dresses public for all your OC horses to wear. Woo hoo.
Yea, fair warning on that - they won't fit males.

These dresses feature lotsa bodygroups and additional skirt control aka jigglebones. Some were made earlier than others so the rigging principles may differ (I've just discovered a better way to rig cloth lately) but that isn't much of an issue.
Also, Juniper Montage, labcoat and DazzioN's OC are not included. You can find em at his profile.


:iconblackbelt2297: - thanks for commissioning and testing this.
:iconsourcerabbit: - thanks for ze preview pic.

The map in the scenebuild -  Misc. - Flixiplex Cinemas by SketchMCreations by :iconsketchmcreations:

Now I must return to the realm of Cyberbullying. Have fun.
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What about Starlight Gimmer dress for request?

please someone port this onto steam.

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cool but you forgot rds cuite mark on her shirt
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NVM i had to redownload them again
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There invisible for me. how do i fix this?
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Hello, AeridicCore. If you have the chance, may I ask for a favor? Is it fine if I can use these dresses for a poster test I'm working on?
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How were you able to get those crazy expressions? This may sound like a dumb question 
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Wow nice, thanks to you both.
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wow this looks amazing
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I remember these back when you did that Stream with them. Man, that feels like forever ago; good to see them finally up and out.
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Wow, awesome to see them together with EQG clothes. Amazing!
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amazing job for those ^^ 
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i've seen in 2d, and now i seen it in 3d.
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Gosh! This is amazing!
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applejacks face though
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Also not included; my EG mall cinema map.
Pretty sweet that it got used for a preview like this. Mm. 

If anyone else wants to use the map, here's the page for it; 
Misc. - Flixiplex Cinemas by SketchMCreations
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Make some more, maps are in high demand.
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I'm workin' on it, man. I got both life and the fact that I'm not a modeller hindering that. But I've got a working solution going.
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GAH! This will be perfect! Thank you!
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Love the expressions.
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