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[DL] Discord Overhaul

Sudden Discord. Cause I can.

These commissions kept me dead for a while but I managed to finish most of them, and now I present yet another overhaul to you.
This Discord model has been completely reworked. Most of his parts have been remade from scratch, e.g. I replaced the overly hi-poly tail with a normal mapped one that saved lots of polycount. I remade his rig so that it could bend much better. And then I added v4 flexes and reworked the texture detail of him. The jaw and tongue are still controlled by the bones.

Whatevs, you can see on the preview how dank he is.

He got 120% cooler, 60% smoother and 20% more... discoordinated, uhuh. *background laughing*

Here's the credits:
:iconuncommented: - for the original model
:iconpercytechnic: - for the previous model's sourcefiles
:iconsourcerabbit: - for ze preview pic

Ze pic is:
Chaos Shenanigans by SourceRabbit

Don't forget to find all the three cows on it. And watch me. Cause I'm cool.
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cant seem to find a way to move the eyes
Djpgirl's avatar
This looks awesome ♥ If I had money I would support you ♫
GeltyDrake's avatar
I'm having problems with his left eye. It seem it's attached to his head. Like one and only object. This model will be released for Blender use?
GarchomPR0's avatar
so where's the download and can i use it as a playermodel
SporeAltair's avatar
На левой половине хвоста текстура нормали чешуек работает на оборот, так должно быть?
AeridicCore's avatar
Последний раз как я проверял много лет назад, работала нормально.
Она ж запечена с прошлого хвоста, как она может работать наоборот?
SporeAltair's avatar
Ладно, может мне показалось.
И, я только сейчас заметил. У Дискорда должно быть 4 пальца на правой руке, а на модели 5 пальцев.

P.S. хвост в старой модели выглядел более реалистично, так как рельеф был реальным а не текстурным.
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Best SFM Pony models ever!
I cant find it model can you guys help me please
Alexandra-Animates13's avatar
very good model as more I like to say lengandery model
LadySlick's avatar
Tyraka628's avatar
The scales on Discord's tail are missing. What's going on?
AeridicCore's avatar
They were replaced with a normal map.
TorquiseSlate's avatar
What did you use for the grass? it looks amazing!
wild-blank's avatar
Is this usable for importing to other things?  Like it won't have any bad triangles or whatever?  (like for blender)
AeridicCore's avatar
It will. Models are triangulated when ported to engines.
You can fix the topology manually if problems pop up. As far as I know geometry paced through Subdivision Surface should not have detriangulating issues.
wild-blank's avatar
okie dokie lokie! <3
daimando's avatar
Hey, for those of you who are looking for a Discord rig, I used the Auto IK-Rigger script in SFM to throw together this hastly done Discord Rig.…

If there are any problems, let me know.
TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
I went to download it off MediaFire, and got a warning for Malicious Content, IE, a virus warning. 
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2016-07-10 00-08-36 by GLEBOSS   Помнишь эту "уникальную в своём роде" модель? xdd
AeridicCore's avatar
Зато экономно и практично, не то что мои 104к поликов.
Good work. This must have taken more time and effort to make than any other SFM model.
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