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[DL] Cutiemark Crusaders Overhaul

By AeridicCore

--- Yes, they now have cutiemarks. Look for additional skins. ---
Grand Update is eventually here, guys.

Things that have been fixed:
-Body moved to its origin. Fillies will no more be floating over ground.
-Minimizing ray seems to have worked. Now they are 0.82 smaller and 20% cooler.
-Added CMC cape with their official logo in it. Now they are indeed a gang. This goes as a bodygroup and as a separate model.
-Eyelashes separated from the eye are no longer reality.
-Wings now have more than one bone both in open and closed state. The true freedom of posing.
-Slight fixes to the rig and flexes.
-Added some more jiggles, adjusted the existing ones.
-Remodeled Applebloom's bow. There are two versions of it - big and small. The big is default bodygroup of Applebloom, the small one you will have to attach yourself.
-And as you may have noticed, accessories are now included as props.

I should give my sincere thanks to :iconchiramii-chan: for the amount of work she did for this final update to come true - half, if not more than that, of its overall. So as not to be injust, I should put her nickname into the preview pic. Honestly, she really deserves more than that. Really. Give her a watch, please, she does great stuff. Thanks, m8.

Here's a complete overhaul of these three. New body reference (proportionally accurate one) new custom jiggleboned hair and accessories truly mean the new era of diabetes.

Additional credits:
:icontau-rah-tar: - helping me out with the broken UV and keeping me company.
:icondaimando: - for the marked body textures that saved me time
:icondasprid: - for making the cutiemark vectors
:iconherostrain: - dat aewsome preview pictuer

Walk Cycles and animations:
CMC Walk Cycle V1 [DOWNLOAD] by GizSH - Walk Cycle by :icongizsh:
[SFM Resource] CMC Run Fast Cycle V1! by Gen-ma - Run Cycle by :icongen-ma:
[SFM Resource] CMC Sit to Stand vice versa v2 by Gen-ma - Sit to Stand Cycle by :icongen-ma:

Upcoming models - Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Babs Seed, Nyx, Woona and Button.
See ya.
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where do you find the scootaloo model? I can't find it!!

ralv1234's avatar
They looks well.
goldorakx69's avatar
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jeese the mane on the pictures look so soft
Congrats its a amazing model!
Minutexium's avatar
How to install it?
Will there be a V5 Version of the CMC soon and the other characters you made using the filly base?
AeridicCore's avatar
Yea, after I deal with my commissions.
lolliepopcandy's avatar
How do you download these?
CalvinLaudrensio's avatar
With the download button on the right side of the screen...?
2048Terrabit's avatar
Hmm I seem to be missing textures/materials for tongue teeth and mouth. Any help please?
jeroen01's avatar
Oh l had the same problem. But a friend of mine somehow had the correct files. AndI sended then to me.
AeridicCore's avatar
Install Poninnahka's pack
2048Terrabit's avatar
Thank you, that did help!

If anybody wondering too, this is the one you need:
Pony Overhaul: Females Release by Poninnahka
GlacierFrostclaw's avatar
Can I have permission to use the mane and tail from these models for a fallout 4 mod plugin? I'm trying to make a mane and tail addon for Crimes Against Nature.
kysoshadowblast's avatar
Is there one with their cutie marks?
TheTipOfTheFlame's avatar
MarioandSonicFan19's avatar
Can we get these in EQG form?
MarioandSonicFan19's avatar
I did. He hasn't replied yet.
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If you want Cutiemark Crusiders EqG version you can take comission from me.
MarioandSonicFan19's avatar
How do I do that? And will it cost anything? I'm low on points
CallieGreen's avatar
ponymph's avatar
do you do commissions
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