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[DL] Alternate Dash

UPDATE! Thanks to :iconargodaemon: who pointed out some nasty bugs in the model during his stream (which are also the reasons why you shouldn't be using the models of mine), I had to hurry and... release the v5 version!
Don't worry fam, I did fix the bugs.

So, the things done:
- Removed the bugged left wing completely (who needs that? lol).
- Made an enhanced :iconjuicedane:'s "v5" version. WARNING! This will not work in GMod.
- Fixed the head colour.
- Added a normal map for dat badass scar, now it's even more badass.

Aaand here she goes.
I don't know what else to say. Except that she haz a neat amount of bodygroups, including this wing. It has 19 bones (!) each in closed and opened state. I should warn you that this wing is kinda "raw", so if there are clipping problems with them - don't be surprised.

Preview pic was made by :iconherostrain:
Sombra zombie army armor made by :iconsindroom:

Ayy lmao.
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want to use the mane seperate form your model how do I do that?'
I found a bug with this model! if you spawn her in gmod she has an overly stretchy neck and her ears stretch all over the place.
Please fix. Please..
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Can I have permission to use the mane and tail from this model for a fallout 4 mod plugin? I'm trying to make a mane and tail addon for Crimes Against Nature.
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Would someone also add the helmet and mask if anyone wants a separate model of her outfit?
WCPsycho's avatar's still "Noping."  This model's a dud in Gmod.
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She has the same phymodel as usual ponies.
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When I tried it out the first time, I grabbed the head and made a random "Nope.avi" happen.  Redownloading now.
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While, I'm not a Brony by any means. I have to say that this looks cool.
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Can you please tell me (if you have time, if not i will understand) when it's gonna work on gmod?
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It does work for GMod.
If it doesn't work for you then you're doing something wrong.
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The ears are stretching into the ground and when i pull on the head the neck gets longer and longer, its really creepy.
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Are you planning on making source files for the cyber wing? Cause I could really use them for Alternate Star Beats
Why isn't this on the steam workshop?
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Because if it get posted on workshop, there will be lots of people sending hate comment and toxic comments. 
Tell them that hate comments will be deleted in the description
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True, but I don't know why he wouldn't do it though. 
Why who wouldn't?
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This is beautiful tbh
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OMG this looks amazing :)!!
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i dont know ow to donwload it to garrys mod can someone help me
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