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Patreon Pack #4 Roundup

Fri Mar 29, 2019, 1:16 PM
Hi guys! Pack 4 from my Patreon is now complete.
Please consider signing up! I aim for each pack to have 3 pics in it, with loads of variants and rewards. From now on, there's also going to be a lot more lineart for you to color and share on your social media~

As we get more supporters, I'll be adding in more rewards. Our next goal is 10 patrons, which will open up frequent polls allowing my patrons to vote on who they most want to see next, and the kind of pose they'll be in.

After that I'll be running other polls asking supporters what new rewards they're most interested in! Right now I'm toying with ideas of streaming, process videos, rebooting Queen's Crown (yet again...but now with lewd variants as well!), wallpapers, NSFW comics, and yuri pics as upcoming goals. :eyes:

Here's a quick look at all of the rewards from this pack:

2B by AerianR
♥ Hi-res version w/ skirt
♥ Hi-res version w/o skirt
♥ Hi-res NSFW version 1 (topless)
♥ Hi-res NSFW version 2 (topless/no pantsu)
♥ .PSD

Mature Content

Bigtiddygothgf by AerianR

♥ Hi-res version (there's no SFW version for this one lol) 
♥ Hi-res panty-less version
♥ Lineart
♥ .PSD

Grown up Namine by AerianR
♥ Hi-res version
♥ Hi-res NSFW nude version
♥ Step-by-step
♥ .PSD

Gen 8 Trainer by AerianR
  Hi-res Scorbunny Cosplay version
  Hi-res NSFW (nude, open sweater)

Thank you all, as always, for your continued support, whether through Patreon or just for faving my art and watching me here on dA. :] Don't forget that I offer alternative/sexier versions of my work on Twitter, too!

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Please read - Need input!

Sat Mar 23, 2019, 5:24 PM
This is gonna be a little long. Please check out the tl;dr at the bottom if you wanna skip it. But I could really use your opinions!

So, a few years back I developed a condition that has drastically slowed me down in every possible way. It's been a major upheaval to every facet of my life and I'm still adjusting to it. I'm on medicine, but the condition can't be cured. It's not really deadly, so it's not a huuuge deal, but it's made me very slow. 

And the problem is, I really love painting so much. It's my favorite way to draw now. But I'm depressingly slow about it. It takes me days to finish one pic, with on and off work. 

So I've been toying with the idea of changing up my style and moving away from total painting to only partial painting. You can check out these two pieces below to see the difference of what I mean:

Painted:                                 Partially painted:

Mature Content

Nami NSFW preview by AerianR

Mature Content

Bigtiddygothgf by AerianR

The major difference is lineart.

Which style do you like better? Or does it not even matter that much?

I'm still going to stick to drawing fanart, because that's honestly what I prefer to draw. My thinking is a lot slower and my creativity has been REALLY damaged by the condition, so fanart makes my drawing life loads easier. So you'll still see the same content from me, just done a little differently. If you were going to commission me, would you mind getting the partially painted one instead of painted?

tl;dr: Would you mind if the partially painted style replaced my painted style, if it meant I could work faster/potentially churn out more work than I currently do? What about as far as commissions go?

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Free Patreon pack!

Tue Mar 5, 2019, 9:49 PM
Thanks guys! I'm closing this up now since I gave away a few packs. Hope you guys like them! 

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February 2019 Patreon Roundup

Wed Feb 27, 2019, 8:09 PM
Firstly, I really want to thank all of my new watchers for liking my art enough to want to see more! Thank you! :D ♥

The Patreon is definitely working to help me put out more work than usual and it's really reinvigorated my love for drawing and especially painting. I'm learning soo much that even two-three pieces back I see things I should've done differently/better. That's a really cool feeling.

March 1st will mark the conclusion of my first month back on Patreon! Here's a roundup of the first two packs that were available to my patrons:


  Little Mermaid by AerianR                                         SAO Asuna by AerianR                                                Raven Redux by AerianR
The Little Mermaid                                                              Asuna                                                                                   Raven Redux
♥ Hi-res version                                                         ♥ Hi-res version                                                                      ♥ Hi-res version
♥ Lineart                                                                      ♥ Hi-res NSFW version                                                         ♥ Lineart
♥ Weighted lineart                                                    ♥ Multiple Hi-res NSFW variants                                       ♥ Weighted lineart
♥ .PSD                                                                              (swimsuit, ahegao, toy)                                                      ♥ Hi-res NSFW
♥ Step-by-step                                                           ♥ .PSD


  Punky Peach Redux by AerianR                                         Nami found some treasure by AerianR                                                   Dark Magician Girl by AerianR
Punky Peach Redux                                                              Nami                                                                              Dark Magician Girl
♥ Hi-res version                                                         ♥ Hi-res version                                                                      ♥ Hi-res version
♥ NSFW                                                                        ♥ Hi-res NSFW version                                                          ♥ Hi-res NSFW
♥ Step-by-step                                                           ♥ NSFW 'fluid' variant                                                             Ahegao
♥ .PSD                                                                           ♥ Step-by-step                                                                         ♥ Stockings (solid, hole-y)     
                                                                                       ♥ .PSD                                                                                         ♥ Fluid variant (on skin and                                                                                                                                                                                                 on stockings ;d)
                                                                                                                                                                                            ♥ .PSD

Rewards will be sent out after the 1st of March once payments have processed. Next month will be two new packs. The first pack will be available between March 1st - March 16th, and the second pack will be available between March 16th - 31st. I've been working on a few pieces that I'm really excited about and can't wait to share!

Also, just so you know: As soon as we hit 10 subscribers on Patreon I'll be starting to offer frequent polls where my patrons can vote on who they want me to draw next. Sometimes I'll even put out polls for what you want to see the character doing/variants/etc! 

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Hey guys! I'd like to thank you all again for helping me out and filling out the Patreon survey. It helped a ton.

Also, sorry for not getting this announced last night. As a few of you might know, I've been dealing with a torn cornea. It was doing better, but then I tore it again two days ago, so I spent most of yesterday with my eye swollen shut and pouring water. Fun stuff! Fr though it's torture and I hate it.

So, the winner!

<da:thumb id="5280267162926496"/>

Congratulations to TheSixthSaint!
Please note me with what you'd like drawn and we'll go from there.


Patreon is now LIVE! Early access to new pics are already up with more going up every few days. There are only a few days left for Pack 1, which will have 3 pics and lots of exclusive goodies like step-by-steps, .PSDs, NSFW versions and variants, lineart, and more!

Also, if you didn't win but still want a chance at a discounted commission, I'm still looking for someone looking to trade a 1 year ($50) dA CORE subscription for a $70 commission from me (top option here). This will save you $20 and allow me to access some features I could use for my page here. :]
Thank you to everyone has filled out the survey so far! I've gotten lots of responses, but more will help, too. Don't forget, the giveaway ends February 8th at midnight EST! I will be using a random picker to select the winner and will announce them in a journal and on my Instagram (AerianR). The winner will have two days after I've announced them to note me with their request, or I will have to pick a new winner.

Next, Patreon:

The jury is still out on what you all want to see, but so far, for sure, I will be offering the following:

- Sketches and WIPs.
- Early access to my work. 
- Hi-res SFW.
- Hi-res NSFW
- NSFW variants.  
- Lineart (when applicable). 
- And of course, the ability to suggest and vote on who and what I draw next. 

For more information on all of these, please check out this early FAQ. And please know that I'm still new to Patreon. There might be a few blips at first, but I will make sure that all rewards go out.

EDIT/UPDATE: I'm still waiting for Patreon to approve my page, so can't launch it today. As soon as it's live I'll update again.

🎉🎉 So, I will be opening up my Patreon on Feb. 2nd! 🎉🎉 This will be pack 1. This means that you will not be billed until March 1st, and no rewards will go out until after the payments have completed which should happen in the first week of March.  

I'll be posting rewards like sketches and WIPs to Patreon immediately. Over the next few days I'll be finalizing some pieces I'm working on, so those will be going out soon, too. This means that, if you decide to become my patron once it's open, you will be billed March 1st. There will be two batches every month. You can read more about it in the FAQ.

Next, I've dusted off all of my neglected accounts, and will now be sharing my art on Instagram (AerianR), Twitter (Aerix), here on dA, and on a certain erotic foundry when I can. ;P I don't want to put ALL of my stuff behind a paywall, so I'll be making some NSFW stuff that can go on my other accounts as well. 

Finally, I'm still looking for someone looking to trade a 1 year ($50) dA CORE subscription for a $70 commission from me (top option here). This will save you $20 and allow me to access some features I could use for my page here. :]

Also, thank you all for :megaphone::megaphone:100,000 pageviews:megaphone::megaphone:, and to everyone who sent me screencaps! ♥ ♥
Hi guys! If you're looking for the free art, it's at the bottom of the post! :]

I'll try to keep this brief, but as many of you know, times have been rough for me and my family. As a result, I am reopening my old Patreon account and will be changing the way I do things around here. I am hoping that the Patreon will allow me to not only have more time to draw, but also allow me to help support my family. A huge thanks to everyone that participated in my PWYW commissions, too. I can't even begin to express what a huge help it's been. :heart:

Firstly, most of my work will feature NSFW versions. I'll still do SFW pics too, like usual. 
Next, I'm going to be posting more. I know I've really slacked off for the past few years on sharing my work, because the majority of it has been strictly commission work that I'm unable to share. I've been working on a lot of different pics and I hope to share them soon! 
Third, I will also be opening/reopening old social media accounts associated with this username so I can post my work to more places. :D I'll put out an update on that later.
Finally, over the years I've met a lot of people that like different kinds of art from me, so I'm going to be offering a bit of something for everyone now. That means that in addition to my typical pinups like you're used to seeing from me, I'm also going to be occasionally focusing on art centered around various interests :eyes:, such as tickling, tentacles, and feet. This will most likely not be the majority of my work, but just a heads up. :]

Here's how my Patreon will work:

I will be using a bi-weekly schedule, meaning that twice a month you'll be charged the amount you've pledged. Every two weeks I'll be uploading a pack with all of the images I've completed in the last two weeks, along with all of the rewards. I can't promise a huge amount of pictures per pack, but I'm going to strive to make two the minimum. My life gets hectic at times, though, so please understand that sometimes there may be more, and sometimes there may be less. :]

My Patreon will also be a hub where people can suggest and vote on what they'd most like to see next. This means you can help pick the character you'd most like to see. Additionally, you can pick the type of work I make. Do you want it to feature tickling? Feet? Just be a pinup? It's up to my Patrons! Whatever has the highest number of votes is what I will be picking, and polls will go out at least once per term.

Depending on the tier you choose, here's an idea of possible rewards I'm considering!
- Early access to my work.
- Hi-res SFW versions of my work.
- Hi-res NSFW versions of my work.
- NSFW variants. This means alternative expressions/ahegao/o-face, different outfits and accessories, stockings or no stockings, fluids, toys, slightly different poses - things like that. 
- Sketches and WIPs.
- Suggesting and voting on which character and what's happening to them.
- .PSD files
- Lineart (if applicable)
- Photoshop tips/tricks voice over videos all about optimizing workflow, keyboard shortcuts, optimizing Photoshop's performance, and so on.
- Photoshop brushes
- Process videos (either sped up or real time)
- Digital art tutorials (applying textures, painting fabric, blending, repainting old art you did years ago, lineart, and so on!)

So with this in mind,  today I have two big favors to ask of my watchers, with incentive!

:star: #1: To anyone that is seriously interested in possibly becoming my patron, would you please check out this survey and let me know what you'd like to see from me? If you complete it and submit your deviantArt username at the end you'll be added to a list of everyone else that completed the survey and I'll pick a winner next Friday, February 8th by midnight. The winner will receive one waist up simple digitally painted commission (the top option here), normally worth $70! My normal commission rules apply, so no overly detailed characters, please!

Here is the survey link:

:star: #2: Would someone be willing to 'gift' me one year core in exchange for a waist up simple painted commission (the top option here)? You'll save $20 on a commission doing this. ;D It would really help me to be able to create polls here on dA of which characters you would next like to see. The commission can be of any character, fanart or OC. My normal commission rules apply, so no overly detailed characters, please!

Thank you for reading, and - OH! One more thing.

I see that I am quickly approaching :megaphone::megaphone: 100k pageviews :megaphone::megaphone:, so I'm going to dig up a deviantArt fossil and offer one last waist up simple painted commission (the top option here) to the person that snags the screencap and notes it to me!

But seriously, thanks to all of you for all of the support. I'm sorry I fell off the wagon with drawing so much, but I'm trying to do better and hope to have loads to share in the rest of 2019! :heart:
Round 3 is now open! Thank you so much to everyone that's participated in the last two rounds, it's been so incredibly helpful! 

If you'd like to get in on round 3, feel free to send me a note and we can discuss details. :]
I can't thank you all enough for all of the support and interest! It means the world to me!

For now, I'm closing Round 2. I've got a long list of commissions to work on so I'd like to finish these up before taking any more on so that no one is having to wait forever to get their pics. I will probably be opening up Round 3 in the future, though I can't give a time frame just yet.

If we're already talking (even if you haven't fully decided if you want to go through the commission or not), don't worry, you're fine and I can still accept your commission. And if we're already talking I can still accept more work from you when I'm done with your first pic, so don't worry about that either.

Thanks again everyone! You are all the best. <3