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"Loving is the only weapon that can combat living a meaningless life"

New *2/7/2021* New App :D
*8/10/2020* After 5 years in the Domain, I have finally given Hani and her app the glow up she deserves Love Goodbye tan toeless socks, you will be missed   
New art, new colors, revamped info- I went above and beyond for my girl. Here's to another 5 years, my dear

*8/31/2018* Art update! the old one was bothering me ;P used some pics from her model sheet mse- they just look nice lol

*6/28/2016* App Update! New app, new art, and spruced up her info a bit! I'm actually really happy with this. It is exactly how I envision Hani. She's really flaunting that new badass scar of hers, too~ I'll be adding a timeline and relationship extension, similar to Starke's, later ^-^

*I lost a lot of Hani's info because of some update glitch, but I got most of it back. Hopefully one day I'll rewrite it all completely*

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Name: Hani

Nicknames: Han, Little Sister (by Starke), Fawn (by Lawson)
Age: Adult (~7 years)
Gender: Female
Height: 29 in
Weight: 75 lbs.
Physique: sleek, agile, long limbed, and well-muscled; long and feathery fur along her chest, neck, shoulders, and tail, giving her a bird-like appearance; minimal scarring along rump and left foreleg with a dwindling scar across her right shoulder

Territory: Aryn
Rank: Master Courser

Orientation: Demisexual Demisexual -pride heart- 
Current: Lawson
Past: N/A

Brute (Father/NPC/ Deceased), Risoria (Mother/NPC/ Deceased)
Starke (adopted brother)Korgia Clan (Brothers/ NPCs)
Seava (Daughter)Harley (Son, Abroad)Lidya (Daughter)Yama (Son)

//Every Member of Aryn is Considered a Part of Hani's Family//

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Positive: [ Playful | Faithful | Adventurous | Level-Headed | Empathetic | Compassionate | Intelligent | Respectful ]

Neutral: [ Trusting | Protective | Determined | Talkative | Dedicated | Authoritative ]

Negative: [ Dependent | Fierce | Wary ]

Naturally childish at heart, Hani loves to make tedious and boring tasks fun. There’s always time for jokes and messing around, especially since such actions were frowned upon when she was young. She has to make up for all the little things she missed out on, so don’t be a party-pooper or she’ll be forced to cheer you up!

Hani’s always been a rather smart she-wolf. She sees and hears things differently than most, able to read others’ expressions and body language like a book and soak up knowledge like a sponge. Problem solving and strategy come easy to her, and she loves to share her knowledge.

 Hani shows respect to all she meets. Even when arguing or fighting, Hani has a level of tolerance she shows in hope to end the feud before one’s dignity or feelings are injured. Those who outrank Hani in her pack are always shown high esteem, and she would never disobey one of them unless she saw it absolutely necessary to protect those she loves. Her heart belongs to her people and to the Great Spirit himself; nothing will ever change that. 

 Hani always needs a certain purpose in life that she can hold onto and live by. Once she’s found this, she fully commits herself to it whole-heartedly. Very little can stop her from following through with what she decides to do.

 Hani’s a hell of a conversationalist. Traveling with Starke, she had to learn to be the voice of their little group. Whether it was filling the awkward silence that always floated about Starke, or apologizing to packs whose territory they intruded in, she knew how to fix a situation with a simple phrase. She knows how to comfort, reassure, and motivate wolves when they’re at their lowest, and can pry information out of even the most stubborn wolves.

Hani’s a tough gal. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself in a scrap. Fighting is easy enough, as her size and speed have the advantage at times, even if she isn’t the largest or strongest of wolves. She doesn’t enjoy fighting, but when pushed she can be ruthless.

 Although she has knowledge of herbs and fighting, Hani heavily relies on other wolves. It’s not quite that she can’t survive on her own, but more that she needs the moral support and mental stability; a rock that keeps her grounded and gives her hope for a future.

 Hani's reunion with Starke left more than physical scars on her. Usually bubbly and welcoming, Hani falls into periods of doubt and caution when around strangers. The war on Vektren has only worsened this. 

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Pre-Group History:

Hani was the youngest of her family in a pack consisting of only her parents and many brothers. Being the only girl, Hani’s mother took her under her wing and taught her the ways of a healer at a very young age. Her father, a cruel and vicious alpha, taught her brothers to be warriors, turning a blind eye to her existence. Hani was grateful for her mother’s teachings, but felt as if her parents saw her as their silly, useless little daughter. While she played around with her mother and learned which herbs were good for a scratch, her brothers were learning how to take down prey and kill trespassers. Desperate to prove herself to her parents, she had her older brothers train her in secret. Though her brothers feared for her safety and the loss of her innocent ways, they did not turn her away. Their training was rough and brutal, just as their father had taught them, and Hani never backed down. She pushed herself through their forbidding ways to mold herself into a daughter her father would take notice of and be proud of.

By the time she was a young adult, Hani was equal in skill to her elder brothers. Waiting for a moment where Hani and her father were alone, she finally confronted him. She told him of how she had practiced hunting skills and fighting techniques all to earn his respect, pride, and love. However, he was enraged at her actions, telling her it was not her place to do such things. She was a she-wolf, she was below him and her brothers, and she would never have his admiration nor love. Appalled and infuriated, Hani went blind to her morals and attacked her father in a fit of rage.

But she was no match for a wolf of his size. She was sure that he would kill her when miraculously her brothers discovered them and intervened. Disgusted by her traitorous actions, her father chased her from their lands, swearing to kill her if she ever returned. Scared and alone, Hani ran and lived in solitude.

After a month of living on her own, she was attacked by an emaciated male named Starke. He was incredibly weak and she easily overpowered him. He put up no resistance. Fueled by the heat of the fight and outraged that he had thought her an easy target, she almost killed him. Almost, but to kill him was to walk her father’s footsteps, and that wasn’t who she was. Armed with all the knowledge her mother had taught her, she cared for Starke and nursed him back to health. Through his recovery Hani grew close to him. He talked to her, comforted her, and gave her the company she had been craving during her exile. They traveled, hunted, and fought together, for she thought of him as her brother, and indeed they were as close as kin or real blood.

But, during a harsh blizzard, the two were attacked and separated. Confused and alone yet again, Hani desperately searched for her brother. During that time, though Hani grew weak. She was unable to function without someone by her side to help her along. After three months of living on her own, Hani crumbled. She would never find her brother. With this realization in mind, she succumbed to her exhaustion, not knowing what to do or where to go. She no longer had a purpose.

It was then that she was discovered by the wolves of Aryn whose territory she had unknowingly wandered into. Hani willingly let them ‘capture’ her and take her to their alpha, Athena. Desperate to find reason in going on, she immediately asked to join them, pledging her loyalty and faith in exchange for a home. After being accepted, it took mere moments for her to fall in love with the pack’s ways and religion...

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Group History:
Current Bones: 35

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- Water
-Her Family
- Trees
- Running
- Stories
- Storms


- Winter
- Vektreni
- Strangers around her kids
-Any threats to her family

Fun Facts:

-Hani loves water! Whether its puddles, rain, rivers, streams, or lakes, she can’t help but splash around like a pup

-Scenting isn’t one of Hani’s strongest senses and most of the time she uses only sight and sound to observe her 
-Hani has an intense fear of snowstorms and 'being useless'


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