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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Tue Apr 2, 2013, 7:02 AM

I'm happy to announce that I recently collaborated in this new Alice in Wonderland project:

"... 150Alice is a project celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  We have brought together 150 brilliant illustrators from around the world that have each created a single page for this 300-page book.

The project promotes the illustrators' art in a unique way and gives them an opportunity to create a masterpiece together. It provides them a platform to give back to the community by expressing themselves and sharing their talent with the world.

Lewis Carroll created Wonderland, and the story surrounding it, out of his love of entertaining children. His story gained great success and 150 years later is still enjoyed by children all over the world.

We are here to drive forward Lewis Carroll's idea of encouraging art and creativity among children. At 150Alice, all profits from this book will be donated to educating children in China and Mongolia about art and creativity. With your generous support, we can help a generation of children develop a more vivid imagination..."

Here you can see the artists and click their pictures to see their illustrations:

Aaand here's mine:…

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to share with you this illustration…
I made it for a Christmas Art Contest a big bank in my country is making.
It'd be very nice to win it because it would be printed in a huge size, installed in 2 of the most important buildings of the bank and would be seen by the whole city =D
And of course I'd get a rather generous price too :)

The only thing I ask of you is to "Like" the image in the link, this could give me more chances in front of the jury...
I have from today to October 12 to gather the votes and then the judgement will take place.
The winners will be announced in the end of October.  

If I win I'll upload a picture of the poster in the building in my gallery XD

Greetings to you all!



Journal Entry: Sun Jun 20, 2010, 5:46 PM

The name:"The Guardian, freedom bearer"

A colleague of mine wrote the story. The main character: a guy (Richard) whose vision is "blurred" by the company he works for and a special event wakes him from his blindness, gives him special powers and helps him find the truth and release some others from the eeeevil trap they're in XD

It reflects the advantages of free software among other hidden clues and messages.
Together we wrote the script and concept for the scenes, etc.
It's been a lot of work to draw, ink and color all by myself, it's the first time i do something like this for work, so it's been an interesting experience.

It will be published weekly in the comic's web site in 3 languages:

spanish:  &nbs…;
portuguese: …;

So... I hope you like it
Feel free to visit, comment, share :)

I thought it would be nice to create a blog to publish the process of my stories, the sketches I did, all the digital and traditional illustrations finally together and related so the ones that like my art can understand it better. If you want to know more you can visit it here:
I just started but soon I will be posting all the process of my first story: Apocalypse.
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I never really expected to win the Bring your Vision to Life contest or even enter the 50 finalists, well maybe that would have been nice (I could reaaally use the wacom XD).
They did the judging, chose 50 deviations, most are really good, nice concepts, etc. (here…)  BUT THIS (among others) : magicalliopleurodon8.deviantar… is an insult to all real illustrators who were not chosen...
I just wanted to say that
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So... seems that according to this... I am a werewolf... nice
others were pretty close though.

Hay que ver lo que uno hace cuando está aburrido ...

What Mythical Creature Are You?


[x] You are rather wild, and let your instincts run you.
[ ] You get drunk a lot.
[ ] Bravery and boldness is second nature to you.
[ ] You have a deep love for astronomy and the universe.
[ ] You like to read your daily horoscope.
[x] You have a high level of pride in yourself.
[x] In the woods is the best place for you to be.
[x] You are spiritual.
[ ] The horse is your favorite animal.
[x] You are possessive and territorial.

Total: 5


[ ] Your ears are slightly pointed at the tips.
[x] You are very intelligent.
[x] Your five senses are extremely keen.
[ ] Your weight is quite a bit lighter than the average person at your particular height.
[ ] You always wear elegant clothes and speak as politely as possible.
[x] You are most at peace when you are gazing at something beautiful, like nature.
[x] You look very young for your age.
[x] You rarely get sick.
[x] You are a very hard worker.
[ ] Above all other superpowers, you would love to read minds or see the future.

Total: 6


[ ] You are happy a lot of the time.
[x] The best superpower to you would be to fly.
[x] You are very shy.
[x] You love the forest and plant life in general.
[x] You are always willing to help others, even if you might not be the best to offer aid.
[x] You are young and short.
[ ] Dancing is one of your favorite pastimes.
[x] If someone ticks you off, you are very clever with getting them back.
[ ] Your clothing isn't always presentable, but you are comfortable with what you wear.
[ ] Circles are a wonderful symbol of unity to you.

Total: 6


[x] You are excellent with crafts and handiwork.
[x] In social situations, you tend to be a little awkward.
[ ] You are short for your age.
[ ] You are an isolationist.
[ ] You love to play practical jokes on people.
[ ] You are extremely fascinated with jewelry.
[ ] You look older than your age.
[x] You love the woods and the mountains.
[ ] You are well off, or come from a family that is well off.
[x] You have a short temper.

Total: 4


[x] You are best at talking bad about people behind their backs and not to their face.
[x] When you are annoyed, you will go to a great extent to torment whoever did so to you.
[ ] You often take things that aren't yours.
[x] You are easily angered.
[x] Death fascinates you.
[x] You are female, or a feminine-looking man.
[ ] You associate yourself with the wind element.
[x] You can switch quickly between your light and dark side.
[ ] You love to trick others.
[ ] You have a ravenous appetite.

Total: 6


[x] You love the beach more so because of the water than the shore itself.
[ ] Fish are some of the most beautiful creatures to you.
[ ] The ultimate superpower to you would be to breathe underwater.
[ ] You enjoy looking at ships, but not riding them, as well as you like ships for traveling, not hunting in the sea.
[x] You are good at swimming.
[x] You like to collect shells.
[x] You use sea items as jewelry or decoration.
[x] You enjoy learning about the ocean and the life inside it.
[x] You are extremely against ocean pollution, and someday, perhaps (if you haven't already), you will work to stop that.
[ ] Legs on land are not as important as a fin in the sea.

Total: 6


[x] You're a night person.
[x] You have a fascination with blood.
[ ] You are extremely pale.
[x] You wish you had a bat as a pet.
[ ] Tight spaces are not scary or uncomfortable for you.
[x] The sun's glare annoys you all too often.
[x] You hate food with lots of garlic in it.
[x] To you, a kiss on the neck is more romantic than a kiss on the cheek or lips.
[ ] You don't like sharp objects near you.

Total: 6


[x] The full moon is the most beautiful scene to you.
[ ] You have a lot of body hair.
[ ] The ability to shapeshift is the best superpower to you.
[ ] You prefer gold over silver items.
[x] You lack self control.
[x] You find it easier to have sympathy for animals than for humans.
[x] You have a deep respect for wolves and wild dogs.
[x] You like to be alone.
[x] You have a terrible secret and you only tell people you trust 100% about it.
[x] You'd rather be outdoors than indoors.

Total: 7


[ ]  You love chemistry.
[ ] You are intuitive and good at analyzing people, to the point that people seriously or jokingly say you're psychic.
[ ] The most amazing supernatural power to you is controlling the elements.
[x] You are a nature lover.
[x] You have a strong sense of responsibility.
[x] You spend a lot of time alone.
[x] You usually hang around with a certain animal all the time when you feel lonely.
[x] You are spiritual, but not necessarily religious.
[x] Cooking is one of your favorite things to do.
[ ] You enjoy learning about Wicca and the occult.

Total: 6


[ ] You are pale.
[ ] You are hungry a lot.
[x] Many activities you do every day make you feel mindless, or like a drone.
[ ] Most of the time you or a part of you is cold.
[ ] You love to eat meat.
[ ] You would resort to cannibalism if that was the only source of food.
[ ] You make grunts and moans a lot.
[ ] You usually walk slow.
[x] You are not afraid of seeing a lot of blood or getting a lot of blood on yourself.

Total: 2


[x] You are very passionate about the things you like.
[ ] You like to get drunk and dance.
[ ] You're very amorous.
[x] You like art and music.
[x] You enjoy feasting with friends.
[ ] You love nature but more for the animals than the trees and plants.
[ ] You like getting rowdy and having a good time.
[ ] You laugh a lot.
[x] You love the chase almost as much as the capture.
[ ] You wish you had horns.

Total 4

I invite anyone who's got time to do this, makes you wonder =D
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While this city is burning with heat everyday and we have been getting some little earthquakes :aww: I have been working in the entries for this contest… for almost a month now, It's the WACOM + DA contest where you get to make a work of art that will show the conflict between good and evil according to your perspective.
I didn't want to do anything obvious, so I thought a lot about the concept. And I chose what I consider to be the biggest increasingly chaotic conflict on Earth.
Here I have the first sketch I started working with in photoshop:… I have been looking at it for so long that it already makes complete sense to me and I forgot that the message could be interpreted in many different ways by everybody else.
I am still not sure about the name "In nomine..." which means "In the name of..." (let me know if you see the sketch and you can get the idea of what that would mean).
I think the perfect date for submitting this would be on may 13th. Most people see it as disastrous number so I guess that makes it perfect for my message. For me the 13 is actually a lucky number, maybe it will help me get a wacom XD.

I was also working in another entry, it is completely different. Vector art, very red... I'm still not sure about submitting that one...

So that's it, 2 more days now... hope the earth doesn't decide to move anymore
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Debo decir que estuvo excelente la inauguración y que salió tal como esperaba,
la música fue un éxito, gracias a Intemperia ( ), a Alex ( ) y a la Alianza Francesa ...
Estoy muy feliz con todo esto y creo que es lo mejor que me ha pasado en mi carrera como ilustradora, Gracias a los que fueron por todo el apoyo!!!
Y para los que no, Ahí estará por unos cuantos meses más para que la visiten!!!


I must say the opening was excellent and it went just as I espected,
the music was a success, thanks to Intemperia  ( ), to Alex  ( )  and to L'Alliance Française ...
I'm really happy with all this and I think this is the best thing that's ever happened in my career as an illustrator, Thanks to everyone that was there for the support!!!
And for the ones that weren't, there it'll be for a few months so you can visit it!!!

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La aventura de hoy merece ser narrada
es mi cumpleaños, y amanecí un poco golpeada por la bebida de la noche anterior...
no me gusta despertarme y sentirme así,
Quería escapar de esa sensación...
Se me ocurrió una idea que tenía en mente desde hace tiempo,
Sólo que me fui a lo drástico, decidí caminar
caminar hasta la montaña donde viven mis iguanas
Caminar sin comida, sin agua, sin dinero,
sólo yo... y eso hice
desde mi casa, hasta la montaña sin parar,...varias veces dudé de lo que hacía
y pensé en volver... pero eso no iba a pasar
porque ya tenía mi meta
y la iba a lograr,
Tenía energías que no se de dónde salieron...
y así seguí, subí y estaba disfrutando demasiado
la soledad y los ruidos del agua, de la montaña
Nadie, sólo yo...
Feliz... pero asustada por alguna razón...
Es raro entender cómo es cantar en la cima de una colina... desierta completamente
Sólo las plantas, insectos, y a lo lejos tu casa... pequeña, insignificante...
Sentía que era dueña absoluta de mi, de mis acciones... así fue

Pero cada vez que uno emprende un camino sin rumbo preciso, sin conocer la vía
Corre el riesgo de perderse...
Y fue exactamente lo que pasó
Quizás por falta de ubicación o análisis del panorama...
me fui por la izquierda... a estas alturas ya estaba agotada por el camino de mi casa a la base de la montaña... jamás me imaginé que se haría tan eterno... y bajando bastante llegué a un camino
que se hacía cada vez más pequeño adentrándose en el bosque de pinos que decora la montaña... el piso cubierto de hojas que resbalan, y la bajada más y más empinada ... las ramas cada vez más cerradas, el sudor corriendo por la frente... ahí no se oía más que mis latidos acelerados...
Cuánto, calor... agua... Qué puede pasarme? pensaba, tengo que llegar... tengo que llegar
Se acabó el camino,... se cerró... caía la montaña en un oscuro precipicio, no había otra opción más que regresar... hacia arriba de nuevo
no podía más,  pero tenía que seguir, subir y subir... paraba para respirar y me inclinaba viendo el suelo... cuántos insectos que no se ven a diario...
Bachacos rojos grandes, y otros negros con puntos blancos que dibujan caras...
y también las micas, y los cuarzos... así descubrí algunos... los recuerdos de regalo...
y llegué a una intersección y probé ese camino pequeño aunque no me daba confianza...
de hecho llegué a un bosque de bambúes cuyo suelo estaba cubierto de hojas y sí parecía ser visitado por unas cuantas personas... pero sólo llegué cerca de una casa, no había salida, de nuevo a subir... y subí hasta la primera intersección donde encontré un camino arcilloso y angosto lleno de canales y bajando, bajando... el camino me llevó a una calle sola, un mirador con una gran piedra en el medio y algunos árboles... y me senté a descansar... y a agarrar fuerzas para emprender el camino de vuelta, al medio día y deshidratada y con las botas mas incómodas que tengo...
fue interesante...
nunca había sentido tanta sed en mi vida...

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I watched a movie with that title, u've probably heard of it...
I was amazed by everything they said, all those things about the law of attraction, the energies of the universe, I had always believed in that but didn't know other people had studied it so much...

So I started trying to apply their advices, trying really hard to believe...
It worked sometimes but... dmn! at some point everything shatters...I have always been a pessimist... and it is harder for me to keep that way of thinking...


I highly reccomend it for everyone,
If any time you're frustrated or angry with this world or u feel like nothing makes sense (which happens to me more than often)...
that stuff really REALLY helps if you really listen and understand and try...
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I don't really know why i have that problem with references...

Maybe cuz when I use them I feel like i'm not actually CREATING the image but COPYING it (enough of that in tecnicas de ilustracion)...

Everyone keeps telling me I shouldn't think like that and that i MUST use them always cuz they guarantee a nice result...

I always try ...I take pictures and use them always trying to change some details but i dont like it, I like them only when I REALLY think i can't draw something...i do try!  

My goal is to achieve a nice drawing by practicing so i dont have to copy anything...
i wonder how the rennaissance painters did it...


that's all...
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This is the most important truth in this moment of my life
i dont know why... he just means so much too me. he taught me many things never knowing it...
i needed to say that
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Hi everyone...
I know I've been away for a while...
I've been busy at school and now i also got a job!
I'll be entering soon some new things i've done for school for anyone who's interested...
I'm still trying to make an exposition here in Caracas, but things seems to be taking more and more time to be ready... I sent all my paintings to get framed and that seems to take a loooong time...
I miss painting... I haven't done one personal work since "keep our secret" i just have sketches and i hope i'll have the time to transform them into a big colorfull work maybe using the airbrush :) mixing techniques...

well  I hope everyone's ok and keep painting, drawing, writing :)

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When we lose our inspiration for creations we can get depressed and stop doing art for a long time...
That's mostly because the reality doesnt give much inspiration, and it's worse if you're tied to a routine...
   To untie from reality for a moment I recommend to watch a movie whenever you have time for that...movies bring many thoughts and ideas... and they can make you dream weird things and give you a lot of inspiration, that is if you choose the right movie...

Movies that have given me inspiration (just in case you cant think of any movie you'd like to watch):

-The Cell
-What dreams may come
- como agua para chocolate/like water for chocolate
-Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)
-Howl's moving castle
-Moulin Rouge
-The Phantom of the Opera
-Merlin (1998)
-The Flight of Dragons...

i dont know why im writing this...boredom i suppose
i hope it's helpfull...
...Felt like you're in a cage?
or maybe a prison
Have you ever dreamt of something that came true just after you dreamt it?
It happens to me awfully often... but only with bad dreams
so that means my fears are very realistic...
And they surround me and own me all the time
so that means I'm a coward...
Or a very nervous person (also)

The point is
WHY?!?!? does it have to happen TO ME?
Why all the unfairness?
Why can't one have peace at last?
I just wanted ONE week
One little stupid week in all this year
and suddenly is denied like someone was having fun with me
playing with my life...
And here I am
No where to run to, no place to hide, no peace, no breathing

If you felt like that every single day... do you think you'd want death?


Sun Jul 23, 2006, 8:06 PM
Why am I writing this down here?
well I'm tired of writing things that no one will read so... here it is for anyone who cares

Painting makes me feel alive, so alive I even forget my flaws... To create makes me feel stronger, greater...  But that feeling never lasts long enough, for always there comes something or someone that ruins it...sometimes just for a while and sometimes it seems to last forever...

He comes to remind me I'm not good enough, important enough... yes, then the extreme feeling comes: I'm hopeless, useless, insignificant...  Why ? Could that be he is envious? angry? what does it mean?
He represents all my contradictions, good and evil, love and hatred, all that he can give it to me in just a few seconds...

Once I thought I needed those feelings... Until He started to extinguish my creativity, my strenght and greatness... My creations are offended and at the same time admired by him...
But today I've got the feeling he ceased to provide me with inspiration... I wish that wouldn't be forever, I wish that would be just another contradiction...

Could it be?