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Star Trek: DS9

By aerettberg
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Been watching DS9 for the past few months... it's really excellent.

Prints available here- [link]
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BubblegumdoveHobbyist Writer
This is bloody excellent. :)
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PareeeeeProfessional General Artist
Very good! I love it. 9'ers forever!
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As a fan of Deep Space 9, I love how this group drawing looks.
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Glad you included Garak. He's one of my favorite characters in all of Star Trek. Despite being a recurring so-called ''guest star'', I think by the later seasons he actually appeared more often and did more interesting useful things than Jake Sisko, who somehow gets to be in the opening credits instead of also being a guest star.
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great--SNAKESHobbyist Digital Artist
Julian and Dukat are like... 70% leg. Someone help those ridiculously tall bois. (then again... there's also jake... taller than them both)
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ihaveaninklingStudent General Artist
This pleases me.
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mysteryreasonHobbyist General Artist
The smile on Garak is funny.
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NetherfleaProfessional Digital Artist
Gul Dukat is excellent! I mean they all are, but I really love Dukat :P
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ladyplfHobbyist Digital Artist
Why do we always fall for the bad boys? 😈
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Country-GemHobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone looks great! My favorite is probably Keira. Might of spelled that wrong. I'm also watching DS9 however I haven't seen Worf yet
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LudyandCandyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Greeeeaaaat! I especially like Dukat, Quark and Kira's expressions.
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Can you please do a Voyager crew picture
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LadyCobblepotHobbyist General Artist
Like wow! Your really good!!! This is one of my favorite shows!
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punkspiderHobbyist General Artist
Love it!
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LeeanixProfessional Digital Artist
Nice job. I like how you drew Worf, Garak and Dukat. Bashir looks so funny.
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SilverstormwingHobbyist Digital Artist
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KEY1701Hobbyist Filmographer
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a ferengi officer? I approve
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Congratulations on being spotlighted in the April Fool's article!
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I just watching this again. God this show is so good.
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No ezri!
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