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Happy Birthday Joss Whedon!
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He also did some uncredited writing on Speed. Mainly the dialogue.
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love firefly, great artwork 
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I salute you! 
The creator of epicness.
I love Firefly, so I spazzed when I saw that he works on Agents of Shield. La la la la La la la la 
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Ah the king of Geeks and Nerds everywhere!

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a fun fact you should know about him. He wrote novels and comics (Astonishing X-Men during 2004)
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i like it=3
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oh wow this artwork is *perfect* for an article i'm writing on joss. i'd love to use it, if that's okay with you! i'd cite you as the author with a link back to this post. please let me know if that's not okay! thank you! <3! - Aja / [link]
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Yeah, as long as you credit me that's fine!
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Pure brilliance. Both him and your picture!
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Both this and your subject are brilliant. Epic. and brilliant. :D
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Joss looks awesome. He looks much better with the facial hair and shaved head. Looks great on him. And he deserves much more fan art of him! Brilliant job! ;)
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This is gorgeous!
And I love that you illustrated the scene from The Gift with Buffy. Probably one of the best moments of BtVS.
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Behold, the god of geekdom himself! Bast in his almighty glory... :happycry:
"A hundred bucks for a comic book?! Who drew it, Michael Milangelo?"- Homer Simpson ("The Simpsons"- Season 2, Ep.21: "Three Men & a Comic Book")

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INDEED! Happy birthday JW!
Hey I was wondering, you're obviously a huge JW fan, but I see NO Slither fanart :(
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I haven't seen Slither... I don't think Joss had anything to do with it, did he?
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He directed it! Nathan Fillion plays the main character, and its riddled with a few repeat actors.
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*writer and director
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James Gunn is the director and director of Slither :)
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