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Jenna Marbles

Youtuber Jenna Marbles is hilarious, so I decided to draw her! (Along with Marbles and Kermit, of course)

© 2011 Anna Rettberg
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© 2011 - 2021 aerettberg
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Are you fckn kidding me?! This is magnificent!
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You should draw one with her and her new dog, Peach.
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Marpel and Cermet!
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Love the expression on Kermit's face xD
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That's great she is great!
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i actually tried to click play lol
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ooh, is that a greyhound?
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Bye, Spider-Man!
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Kermit's face is histarical XD Love this pic!
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I love Jenna and i LOVE this!! Awesome! :D
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Good drawing, but GOD i absolutely HATE Jenna Marbles she is a complete idiot
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1.Everyone has opinions and i respect that you dislike her,but hate is so offensive word.
2.She acts like an ,,idiot'' for her fans.
3.You dont know her,so don't judge.
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1. No shit hate is offensive word why do u think i used it
2. yeah but there is a difference between "being a" and "acting like"
3. I can judge her if i want, considering that youtube is the website where u literally judge what u want to watch
4. WHO THE HELL LISTS THEIR POINTS LIKE THIS?!?!? Im only currently doing it to mock
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1.I list my points like this,and i will,so i don't give a fuck if you dislike it.
2.Can you reprhase the first point,because i can't understand anything.
3.You can't tell if she is ,,being'' an idiot,because you don't know her.She does this,because of her fans.
4.Youtube is for judging if you like or dislike something/someone. There isn't anything including hate. This is why there is an like and dislike button.Not hate button.
5.Jenna is being comedic.Because that's what people like. She is more funny than some shitty comedy movies.
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