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Firefly Cartoonified

Playing around with the drawings of the Firefly cast that I did. Woo!

Print available here - [link]
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wow! that's great artwork, love it!
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I really love how even though this is cartoon style, you managed to capture most of the cast's facial features perfectly!
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I loved the series of Firefly, and I loved the movie Serenity.
How long did it take you to do this piece?

I'm also curious why there's an emphasis on Firefly now?  What's the big deal recently?
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It took me about a week to do this piece.

I'm not sure if there's more emphasis on Firefly now? I did this piece over 4 years ago.
Well there's a big thing about Firefly fanart on the splash page.  I thought maybe you did this recently or something.
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It's always been a huge fandom, dA has just chosen to feature a collection of fan art because most people will be interested. They rotate monthly I think.
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And all I can think of is this:
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you captured their likenesses really well! excellent work :)
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The whole gang in one! Good work!
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Love it! This made me smile so big.

I love all the little touches, the way River is looking up at Mal, Jayne's hat, Book's book, and the expressions are awesome, you really got Mal's and Wash's expressions, especially their mouth's, right.

I love this, I love the animation style of drawing, and how perfectly in character they all are.
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Another great art. Stunning! 
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Awesome Firefly art!
I really like your art.  Would you be willing to give me permission to use some of these in an animation I'm working on?
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Since I own the copyright on the drawings, it won't be possible for you to use them in an animation, sorry.
I would give you the credit for the characters, but that's fine.  I'll stick with designing my own.  Really good work!  :)
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Amazinggg! River, so curious. This is perfect. :) 
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Wow!  You've really captured their likenesses.  And this is really well done.  Great job!  :D
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