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Buffy- The Trio

By aerettberg
The Trio!! Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan, as seen from Andrew's perspective. I had a lot of fun doing this! I found Andrew challenging to draw for some reason... he's the cutest, but I couldn't quite capture his likeness!

Also, this is currently part of a fan art contest on the Buffy Facebook page. You should go there and 'Like' this, because it needs more votes!! --[link]

Tom Lenk (the actor who played Andrew) 'Liked' it AND commented on it, saying "I've never looked so good!"

He also commented on the sketch a few months ago on Twitter, saying "Aw I'm so cute"... Yes Tom. Yes you are.
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:lol: Jonathan's the adorable one here.
Oh i love it :)
SylarGrimm's avatar
I love the trio! They're the best Buffy villains, apart from Spike of course.
slythgeek's avatar
That's so very awesome! It's good to see some Trio art. They're intriguing even if they are assholes.
DeathGod1987's avatar
A fine specimen, Gentle viewers
ianxfalcon's avatar
Hah, this is awesome.
GinnyWeasley-13's avatar
I can't believe Tom Lenk commented on this!! That would have made my life complete if it happened to me :)

Really great work on this; you have captured their likeness very well. I didn't really like Warren, as he was an evil barstard, but Johnathan and Andrew are adorable, especially Andrew. I love the way you've put Andrew in the middle with a pipe, like in the episode 'Storyteller.' Overall very well done, I like the composition a lot. Faving this for sure.
totalnerdatheart's avatar
ahhh so awesome, andrew will always be my favorite trio member!
chesiregirl's avatar
Wow, Tom Lenk commented on it?! I would've died of hapiness!
XD Oh Andrew, why so adorable?
Honestly, I have no idea why all three of them are so good-looking (Andrew and Warren more so, Jonathan's more of the adorable-geeky type). Why can't more nerds be like that in real life?
Of course, Warren is a jerk, but I love Jonathan and Andrew to death.
aerettberg's avatar
Yeah I freaked out when he commented on it!! haha the nerds are awesome :)
chesiregirl's avatar
Yes they are!
And I can't blame you! :P
ShinkisRule's avatar
Daww, Jonathan looks so adorable. x3

It's awesome that Tom Lenk got to see this gloriousness :D
pSarahdactyls's avatar
Aww! I think you captured Andrew's likeness perfectly! That evil little smile <3 You nailed the others too, Jonathan's little puppy eyes and Warren's... Warren...ness...essis XD
this-is-dog's avatar
greatest fanart of the trio!
...only fanart of the trio?
but no matter!
aerettberg's avatar
haha thanks! There should be more trio fanart!
SonyaThough's avatar
I love this! I think they're all very good likenesses (is...that a word?) and your Jonathan is adorable! :aww:
aerettberg's avatar
Likenesses is a word! =P And thanks!
ironman6chick's avatar
andrew: "im not a murderer!"
buffy: "you STABBED him. what were you trying to do? itch his back from the front?!?"
also, this is brilliant
FuriousHeart's avatar
Andrew the storyteller! :heart: Amazing work.
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