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What many people – including Vel – didn't know was that the first time Luke saw Wolf his world tipped off its axis. Of course, Luke disapproved. His world was not allowed to tip off its axis as it pleased. He disapproved even more as the scruff-monster – he didn't know his name yet – so casually opened his mouth and stated the obvious as Luke caved to Vel's wheedling. But what had really set him over the edge was how his world seemed to righten a little when the scruff-monster introduced himself as Wolf. Luke hoped he was having a bad nightmare or at least hallucinating. There was no way someone who looked like a half-shaved hobo with a five year old's mom's-not-looking-I'll-give-myself-a-haircut-with-safety-scissors haircut would fix the sudden imbalance within him. So he tried to clarify the scruff-monster's name.


And again.

But no such luck. His name was Wolf.

And it fucking suited him, which pissed him off the moment he realized it.

So Luke made a foolproof plan: Stay Away From Wolf. That way he wouldn't be able to see him smile, hear him speak, perceive him existing. The plan also meant he wouldn't realize things that pissed him off. He approved of the plan, the first thing he had approved since meeting the scruff-monster.

Unfortunately foolproof wasn't synonymous with Wolf-proof, he realized when he saw that damn hair sticking up in the audience at The Swordfish. He hoped that his appearance was mere coincidence and that Wolf wasn't following him. Then Luke saw his salvation. Luckily Wolf's friend was there – he couldn't remember the guy's name, but at least it wasn't Chaz – maybe he'd keep Wolf occupied enough that he wouldn't have to see him after the set. Of course he had no idea that while he was making his foolproof plan, Wolf was trying to hook his best friend up with Luke's best friend. So Nick was there to see Vel.

Let this be proof that there is no God.

"What the hell are you doing out here?" Luke snarled. He had slipped out the back door to get a breath of fresh air, only to see Wolf take a long, lazy drag from his cigarette. As he turned towards him, his hands went into the air in surrender.

"Chill out, dude. I just stepped out to get a smoke." Long fingers pluck the cigarette out of his mouth as he exhaled and shoved his free hand into his pocket. He grinned. "By the way, you guys were great. I really dig your sound."

His statement was so genuine and unexpected that Luke smiled back automatically. "Thanks."

"And you play a five string, huh? That's cool." The cigarette was discarded with a careless yet well-aimed flick to land in the dumpster across the alley.


It was odd as they stood outside, breathing the night air slightly tainted with the smell of Wolf's cigarettes, neither talking. Luke almost felt comfortable there until Alec strolled out for his own smoke break. Wolf looked down at him – how the hell could he be taller than me, Luke wondered – grin widening into a smile and there was a glint in his eyes right before he shifted back into The Most Obnoxious Person on Earth. As Wolf began his incessant questioning about the concert, Luke offered a deal to the Powers That Be: if he could escape Wolf, he'd never question them or their manipulations again. Miraculously enough, not long after they joined Vel and Nick Cielo pulled away for a magazine interview.

There was a God after all.

There was no Wolf as well, which Luke was incredibly grateful for. With Vel falling apart and the tour, he didn't have the time, energy or the emotional capacity to deal with him. Even so, he couldn't forget Wolf's smile when they were alone. It was a tease, a hint of the man behind the manic eccentricity and he wanted to get to know that. Luke stopped and shook his head. He had to stop thinking about the scruff-monster.

So did what any self-respecting person does when needing a distraction, he called Vel. Best friends were perfect for distractions.

And somehow ended up on the phone with a very drunk Wolf.

A ten minute discussion and an agreement to make pancakes – the hell was he thinking, agreeing to that? Oh yeah, because he could hear Wolf's goddamn smile through the phone – later he was buying a round for the band and rethinking his agreement with Wolf.

Wolf was trouble. He knew that without finding out about his participation in a bar fight with Vel nearby. He also knew deep down that if he gave Wolf a chance the man would burrow under his skin and never leave. A surge of warmth came with this realization which he immediately stamped down, once again disapproving. He couldn't do it. He couldn't be friends or even try to be friends with Wolf. There was too much of the unknown with him and he couldn't, no, wouldn't deal with it.

Resolution made, he excused himself from the rest of his band to call Vel. As he explained his decision with flimsy excuses that Vel immediately saw through, Luke Maizon saw Wolf's smile turn into a rueful grin.

He disapproved of the dull pain in his chest as he saw that smile fade.
This is for the lovely Melii and her webcomic No Crap! I promised her Wookie fiction months ago and here it is. Feel free to visit her page and webcomic to learn more about Wookie; it's worth the time.

Uh, rating T+ for language. Angry Luke swears a lot.

No Crap! and Wookie belong to :iconmelii: and :iconjessadilla: who really are the same person blossoming into someone even more amazing.
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BrushfireDaisies Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
After reading her comics for years... I have never.... I have made a huge revelation after reading this.... haha thank you
Great job, I'm looking forward to more in the future ;)
aeran Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010   Writer
Thank you! You wouldn't believe how many times I read NC! and harassed Melii about the tiniest Wookie drawing.
Melii Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
I could gush about it all over again but jfklsdjf I still can't coherently form good sentences (is that a good sentence?) after I reread it. <3 I love it so much though and it is so gooooood.
aeran Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010   Writer
I give you points for using 'coherently' and keyboard smash in the same sentence. I'd also like to warn you, I'm putting it up on my LJ too.

You are so good for my ego today.
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