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Uena, Queen of Clubs, was an enigma. She was efficient, professional, and liked old Nintendo games – anything else about her was conjecture. Her brightly colored hair and socks were an oddity that kept people wondering about her. Especially her colleagues within the Suits

Even though Uena had been working for Juniper for years, he still didn’t know much about her. He didn’t have any complaints, though. She was his best means of intelligence within Haven, her Clubs scattered throughout the city, bringing information often. He gave up trying to find similarities within her agents when she presented her quarterly roster. Juniper didn’t know much about Uena but what he knew was enough for him to trust her.

Deatoura liked Uena, though he was clueless to know what – or if –she thought of him. But the constant changes in her color and socks were a continuous amusement for him and the Spades. There was always a betting pool on Uena’s hair color and sock pattern when the Suit leaders met together. Whenever Dea won the bet, he’d buy a bottle of Uena’s favorite liquor, or at least what he saw her drink the most, for her. She never asked why, but the knowing twinkle in her eye made him think that she knew something about the betting.

Maye and Uena were friends as much as either would let themselves. The understood each other, simply put. They both wanted the best for the Suits and their boss. That was why they’re working behind Juniper’s back.

Ritz thought she was a pretty cool woman but he was always cautious about upsetting her; she knew things his own mother didn’t even know. Every Diamond always used ‘ma’am’ around her, whereas May only got that respect when she had her really angry face on.

Uena was an enigma. And as she sat back in her chair in her office, she smiled and thought, I wonder what game I should play today?
This one's Uena. It was hard to write her since she's just so mysterious! I kept writing, editing, scrapping and rewriting it. So I threw in the towel. All I have left is Ritz and Maye.

Uena, 2R&co. belong to :icondemonallie: and her webcomic Two Rooks. I only get to play with them.
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Rizareth Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
I thought I recognised those names. From what I've seen so far, you write quite well.. I'm impressed.
aeran Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009   Writer
Thank you! Writing 2R stuff is kinda scary. Especially with the other characters since there's not that much backstory. I'm just glad that I haven't screwed up Alice's characters yet.
Rizareth Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
Then again, a lack of backstory makes it easier to invent your own.. And so far your stuff is looking great :]
aeran Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009   Writer
Good. I've finally got inspiration for Ritz. I'm looking forward to writing his. :D
Rizareth Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009
Best of luck!
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