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Luke disapproves.
What many people – including Vel – didn't know was that the first time Luke saw Wolf his world tipped off its axis. Of course, Luke disapproved. His world was not allowed to tip off its axis as it pleased. He disapproved even more as the scruff-monster – he didn't know his name yet – so casually opened his mouth and stated the obvious as Luke caved to Vel's wheedling. But what had really set him over the edge was how his world seemed to righten a little when the scruff-monster introduced himself as Wolf. Luke hoped he was having a bad nightmare or at least hallucinating. There was no way someone who looked like a half-shaved hobo with a five year old's mom's-not-looking-I'll-give-myself-a-haircut-with-safety-scissors haircut would fix the sudden imbalance within him. So he tried to clarify the scruff-monster's name.
And again.
But no such luck. His name was Wolf.
And it fucking suited him, which pissed him off the moment he realized it.
So Luke made a foolpro
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Coffeeshop Tea
The sweet sludge at the
Bottom of my to-go cup
Is what I wanted
The entire time I sipped.
I hate Sugar In The Raw.
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I only put up
My umbrella when the rain
Falls too hard or cold.
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A crumpled piece of
Paper unfolds to script.
I found a treasure.
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A Haiku for Summer
Sweat rolls down to meet
Lips seeking some refreshment
Summer is so hot.
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A Warning
I want to break legs
When you show incompetence
Sign your damn timesheets
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Spider Legs
Hairy legs stretch out
Trying to touch nothing close.
Wear less mascara.
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A Haiku for Spring
Sunshine and birdsong
Heady perfume of flowers
Spring has just kissed me
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A little girl swinging
On her father's arm. No
Worries, only smiles. Small
Feet on large ones dancing.
Slinging a baseball just
Like Daddy.
That same girl, older, crying
And watching Daddy walk
Away. She wipes her tears
And shoulders adulthood.
No more the laughing girl
Daddy remembers.
Her growing up. Not a
Child, but stuck in a child's
Body. Bills, food and her
Family are her thoughts.
Not like normal girls at
Her age.
Her grown up and grateful
For your absence. She is
Strong in ways she never
Foresaw. She doesn't resent
You. She is happy and
At peace.
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Charlemagne Emilia Belladonna lay in a remote field of her family’s property avoiding her life. Her horse was tied to a tree, close enough to get to it quickly but far enough away to not be startled by the shots of gunfire made by its rider. She conveniently left her cell phone in her room at the Manor so that her Sworn couldn’t find her easily. She squeezed off a round, as if trying to banish those thoughts via her rifle.
Still off, she thought as she made adjustments to zero her sight and fitted herself against the stock. She could just see her bodyguards’ faces when they found her room empty before dawn and horse gone without even the stable’s night staff seeing her. The older members of the Council would complain about her shirking her duties while her father would chuckle and mention that she was her mother’s daughter. Being home meant the Council would push her into being the Countess though she wasn’t confirmed yet. Her finger curled around t
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Uena, Queen of Clubs, was an enigma. She was efficient, professional, and liked old Nintendo games – anything else about her was conjecture. Her brightly colored hair and socks were an oddity that kept people wondering about her. Especially her colleagues within the Suits
Even though Uena had been working for Juniper for years, he still didn’t know much about her. He didn’t have any complaints, though. She was his best means of intelligence within Haven, her Clubs scattered throughout the city, bringing information often. He gave up trying to find similarities within her agents when she presented her quarterly roster. Juniper didn’t know much about Uena but what he knew was enough for him to trust her.
Deatoura liked Uena, though he was clueless to know what – or if –she thought of him. But the constant changes in her color and socks were a continuous amusement for him and the Spades. There was always a betting pool on Uena’s hair color and sock patte
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Smoke floated through the still air. Beyond the nightly noises he exhaled after another drag of his cigarette. More noise came from his feet shifting on the roof so that he could have more comfortable posture against the roof's crenelation. His foot tapped as he hummed through his cigarette.
Deatoura O'Malley was a noisy man. Noise always followed him around, be it ambient or the sound of his own voice. He sometimes wondered how he could sneak up on anyone. Maybe they were deaf. No matter, it worked out for him in the end. He only knew one person who heard him consistently and perfectly.
He asked Juniper why he could always hear him one evening they decided to lounge and order takeout. Deatoura snickered at the memory. The poor Spade who delivered the food nearly fainted when a comfortably disheveled Juniper came to answer the door. Of course, Juni comfortably disheveled meant hair tied back, loose black pants and shirt with Uena's idea of "appropriate gifts for coworkers": br
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His apartment was quiet as he returned from work. The door opened and shut without even a click of the bolt. The deadbolt slid home effortlessly, well oiled to ensure silence. His footsteps made no noise as he crossed the floor into his room. First his suit jacket and then his tie fell silently onto his bed, blending in with his black blanket.
Juniper Vitale was a quiet man. He ran the Suits with quiet intensity and an iron fist that he was infamous for. He preferred order and proficiency in his organization and detested ineptitude. But he was not an unfeeling man. He enjoyed the arts thoroughly and his study was lined in bookshelves almost bursting with literature.
As he hung up his suit jacket, his eyes wandered over to the other half of his closet. It held suits, shirts, pants, and coats much like his half of the closet. These items, unlike his, were sized for a smaller, slimmer frame but no less tough. They belonged to someone who was so unique he could only be described by his nam
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DevID...finally by aeran DevID...finally :iconaeran:aeran 0 0
A Lesson on Broken Hearts
How do you mend a broken heart?
With glue?
Needle and thread?
Or even ducttape?
But its not a vase knocked over
It's not a ripped seam,
And all the ducttape in the world
Can't fix it.
Then how do you mend a broken heart?
With time?
With love?
Yes -- both together
Makes the strongest bandage
That's how you mend a broken heart.
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Chapped Lips
My lips are chapped. I feel them straining to hold together but splitting to provide themselves with some moisture, even blood. I couldn't lick my lips wet, all my saliva was struggling to keep my vocal cords moist as I shouted orders in the brisk air. My mind briefly wandered to the irony of the conflicts of my body and the ones my body was in.
Bullets whiz over my head, making me duck. Even plastic death was still a death and I couldn't afford to die, even to get those few seconds to breathe, reload, drink the water on my back. My death would mean the death of my unit, and I like my guys too damn much to let them down. In my job death isn't a luxury.
Rock shifts underneath me, like shattered bones of a great beast, providing protection and biting into my back. The battlefield is a graveyard of broken rocks and large empty holes -- help and hindrances to friend and foe. Trees tower over all of us, silent participants, observing the carnage at their feet.
A kid runs up to me, looking f
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Hi followers! I exist, just life has been difficult and distracting. I have a tumblr and an AO3, if anyone is interested.

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Also, what is up with my stats saying I have 83 deviations? I've never posted more than 25 pieces. (WTH deviantArt


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