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Hang out and scribble crap in RoLaS PChat with me~
If you're unfamiliar with Takamin Oekakichat, please read the guide below for more information.


Takamin Oekakichat Guide
Requires Java. Purportedly unsupported on Chrome.
Recommended: tablet, decent internet connection

- Please try to keep things relatively work-safe
- Be courteous to other users; don't erase or draw over others' images without consent
- Do not clear the canvas unless all users agree
- Read this guide before asking questions about PChat
- Be space-friendly; try not to take up the entire canvas if other members are online

>> RoLaS PChat
Chaz's Simplified Guide to PChat by Chaz-GELF

I N T R O D U C T I O N + +
Paint chat, commonly referred to as "PChat," is a chat room that allows you to interact with other members while chatting and drawing at the same time. It's similar to bulletin board style oekaki rooms, which allow you to draw pictures that other people can comment on.

The program we use, Takamin Oekakichat, while minimalistic, is free, remotely hosted, and relatively easy to use. The program is Japanese, but there are no requirements aside from a working browser and the most up-to-date Java are necessary for use.

To log-in, type your name in the smaller text-entry field (up to 10 alphanumeric characters) and click the button to enter the room. Users already in the room will be displayed in the larger textbox underneath.

F E A T U R E S + +
Along the left side of the window is a toolbar with all your basic necessities.
This manual will cover a brief description of each section, starting from top to bottom.

The first section to greet you from the top of the toolbar is the palette. The preset palette has 16 basic colors (neutrals, the basic colors of the rainbow, and basic skin tones). These colors can be adjusted with the use of the ARGB/AHSB sliders, which will be covered later on in this guide. They can also be right-clicked to bring up a color wheel to select colors from. The palette is persistent, and any color you pick will overwrite the selected color in the palette.

Colors can also be eyedropped from the canvas by right-clicking anywhere on the drawing surface.

Next come the brushes. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging anywhere from 1x1 px to 16x16 px. in diameter. You can also adjust these brush sizes by playing with the slider that appears below it.

Following the palette and brushes are a set of buttons. An activated button will have a red border around it. An inactive button will have a blue border.
Click to activate; to switch back to brush, click it again. Erasers have a square-shaped brush and will only erase in an aliased manner. If you dislike how it looks, try using a white with the brush tool, instead.
For identification purposes: shows who is drawing what; very useful in a room full of people.
Screen Capture
Takes a screenshot of the entire canvas. Opens as a .PNG image in a new screen. Right click and save if desired.
Clear Canvas
Clears the entire canvas as well as all stored replay material up until that point. Upon clicking, you will receive a popup confirmation notice. Affectionately referred to as the 'bomb.' When requesting to clear the canvas, ask other users if they agree to a 'boom.'

Alternatively, once 1.5MB of canvas memory is reached, the canvas will auto-clear, and your work will be lost forever. Warnings will be given at 0.5, 1.0, 1.2, etc.
For moderators only. Kicks and suspends a selected member from the chatroom temporarily (generally a few hours).
[+] to zoom in; [-] to zoom out.
Below these buttons is the color slider, which can be used to mix new colors for your palette. The default setting is the ARGB slider (Alpha, Red, Green, and Blue); uses a hexadecimal color picking method. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the value of any given RGB setting, the brighter, more saturated it will appear; likewise, the lower, the less saturated. If all three values are relatively close together, the color will appear faded and more neutral.
Alternatively, when this box is right clicked, it will display a AHSB slider (Alpha, Hue, Saturation, Brightness/Value); more closely resembles the color picking functions of most image editing programs.
Below the color picker is the masking tool. To use, select the color you wish the mask, and fill the box with it. To undo the mask, click the box again. You can "mask" up to two, fully-opaque colors at once.
The small box underneath with MASK on it means that the mask is activated; when clicked, it will read MASK, meaning that the mask is temporarily removed. Click it again to reactivate the mask.

Refers to the alpha channel, which is involved in making objects appear transparent. All brushes are aliased by default; raising or lowering this value will change the opacity (transparency) of the color you are using.
Raises or lowers the red channel in the selected color. Hexadecimal.
Raises or lowers the green channel in the selected color. Hexadecimal
Raises or lowers the blue channel in the selected color. Hexadecimal
Refers to the color in terms of the spectrum. Similar to picking from a rainbow.
Refers to how bright or dull a color is. The higher the saturation, the brighter it will be, and vice-versa.
Refers the the amount of contrast the color has when greyscaled. The higher the value, the brighter (closer to white) it will be, and vice-versa.
Masking refers to "hiding" the selected color so that it cannot be painted over. If you are familiar with masking tape/painter's tape and traditional media, you may have used it at some point to cover and protect work that you didn't want accidentally painted over.
Lock Chatbox
Activating this button will lock your chatbox from posts, both by you and other members. Useful for blocking useless chatter or to stop and read the log after being away. The chatbox will re-flood itself after the lock is removed.
Block User
Select a user's name from the member list, then activate. It will block their messages from appearing in your chat box. Repeat to deactivate.
Pop-Out Chatbox
Selecting this button will cause the chatbox to pop out so that you can view the entire canvas at once. Your chatbox will appear in a separate window. Clicking the button again or closing the chatbox window will restore the chatbox to the bottom of the canvas.
This will bring up a pop-up that gives you a full view of the canvas in thumbnail view. Clicking it again will remove it.
Log Out/Quit
Clicking this will automatically boot you from the chatroom. To return, simply refresh the page.
These are a few hand text commands that can be used in the chat:
/zoom #
Opens a popup window with the area currently in use magnified. The larger the zoom variable, the higher the magnification. Window will not scroll.
/zoomMain #
Deprecated with implementation of zoom buttons. Magnifies the canvas.
Deprecated with implementation of camera button. Takes a screenshot of the current canvas.
/bellon roomin
Notifies you when a new user enters the chatroom. *ding~*
/belloff roomin
Cancels the above command.


Maintenance Period:
PChat has an 8-13 minute maintenance period every day at 4:30PM Central Time. You will be warned at 30, 10, 5, and 1 minutes before all members are kicked from the room. The server will reset itself and clear all canvas memory, likely to prevent clutter.


- No crop/cut/move tools
- No 'undo' button
- No fill/paint bucket tool
- Only one brush type

== As of 4/25/09, Takamin has attempted to implement the Cellosoft JTablet pen pressure system. You can find the most recent version of the plugin < here >.
== We're not really sure, but we think the number next to your name (ex: (0) Anon) represents the current total amount of users on the server at the time you enter the chatroom. This is also considered your "member number." 0 would be the first, 1 the second, and etc. If you are member number 163, that means you are the 164th member online. Likewise, if the holder of that number logs out, the next person to login will take that number. (ex: (0) Anon logs out and Aeo logs in, Aeo would be the next (0) when they enter: (0) Aeo.)
== Takamin is currently testing a new board with up to a 2000x1500 px canvas. I've replaced the normal link with this one.

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