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Cu Sith - Torrin



OKAY, so I don't have his normal form done yet due to computer issues but I had this one done from before. I NEVER DRAW DOGS (or haven't in AGES) so this is probably wrong in five million ways BUT I DON'T REALLY CARE BY THIS POINT. I'll get better, I swear, at the moment all you've got is this. I'm so sorry.

Anyways general reference for Torrin's 'True' form or 'beast' form or whatever you want to call it.

He's roughly 6 feet at the shoulder, used to give fey rides around all over the place so I figured his kind would have to be big enough to rid on. Braids (well the ones on his back/neck/whatever are for smaller fey's to hold on. He's about as big as a horse (a little taller than most minus draft horses) to give you a better idea.

-a million apologies for not have those five thousand doodles scanned in and the 'official' reference done-
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The braids are AMAZING!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!