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Teacup Dragon Auction! [CLOSED]

By Aeoptera
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I changed the auction end date from 10:00 PM to 9:00 PM! Please check the new countdown link if you're not sure when it ends!

And we're back! I had a ton of fun with these two.

Teacup Dragons are a closed species. Learn more about them on their species sheet!

Before bidding, please read the Terms of Service.

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Auction will end on Friday, May 22nd, 9:00 PM MST (Click for countdown!) Time will be extended by five minutes if bidding occurs within the last five minutes.
Light Purple Bullet - F2U! Payment in USD via PayPal only--no points.
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Respond to the highest bid in the bid chain; do not edit/hide/retract your bids.
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! You may only autobuy one adoptable. 
Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Payment must be sent in full within 24 hours of auction end/autobuy. I will send you an invoice so keep an eye out.
Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Be kind and respectful! Don't heckle or guilt-trip. 


Starting Bid: 
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $150


Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Lady Slipper Pink Dot Bullet - F2U!
The colorful lovechild of an osprey and an orchid flower.
High Bid: $60 by

Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Little Prince Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U!
Can also be a Little Princess or a Little Nonbinary Royalty if you so desire!
High Bid: $20 by


If you autobuy, your Teacup will come with bonus babby art like the ones below! This is the ONLY way to obtain this perk!
Teacup Babs 2 by Aeoptera
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Hey, I really adore your species! Would it be alright if I create a species closely related with a few differences here and there? I would make sure to credit you and everything!
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Omg I love this species! May I have permission to create my own? :3 please and thank you!
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ahhh these are so pretty *o* <3 I'm tempted to try for Lady Slipper, but I know I have a custom being made, so I'll hold off. Out of curiosity, though (and for future reference), is there a limit to how many Teacups a person is allowed to own? And if there is a limit, is because of an actual rule you have in place, or simply due the nature of Teacups as a species? Like, even if I did own a bunch of them, I'm having trouble figuring out a way to make that work in whatever universe this takes place in. Teacups living together are supposed to be extremely rare, after all.
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Speaking of your custom, expect some mockups tonight!

There's no limit on how many Teacups you can own! I actually just decided to edit their species sheet to clarify what I mean about them interacting with each other. It's not that they dislike each other or dislike living together, it's that they 1. often behave like totally different species and have totally different social circles, 2. tend to live far away from each other just due to the way they reproduce, and 3. can't absorb memories from each other. However, if you think about it, these kinds of limitations happen ALL the time between characters in stories and they still manage to team up. If two beings from different species/races can find each other, become friends, or live together, then two Teacups can too. I was mostly trying to emphasize that it's not common for there to be towns or cities or nations of thousands and thousands of Teacups all mashed together in close quarters, like there can be with other sapient species.

Ahhh I've really got to write out all the different species in this world so y'all can see the different types of creatures that Teacups live with.
DraconicFeline-13's avatar
Yay! I can't wait :D

Okay, that makes sense. I mean, I knew about those three things, which is why I figured Teacups living together would be uncommon - not because they necessarily dislike each other, just that the nature of the species itself makes it inevitable. So I guess what I'm really wondering is how many creative liberties owners are allowed to take. A rare occurrence becomes a whole lot less rare if everyone starts doing it.

On a related note, how does a Teacup react to a setting where there are many different types of species living in the same place? Story-wise, my adoptables all kind of coexist in one area regardless of where they came from, so there's quite a bit of variety. Most of them resemble quadruped creatures of some sort (cats, wolves, foxes, dragons, etc), and they all pretty much have at least human-level intelligence, even if not all of them can speak a human language. Aside from the ones that are derived from the same real-life animal (i.e., the cat-like species all display typical cat-like traits, but also have their own individual quirks), that's about where the similarities end. And there's also one human owner. So with all that variety, how would a Teacup know what to mimic? Would it try to imitate all of them at once, or pick the most common species there, or the owner, or what?

Heh, sorry for bombarding you with questions. I like to immerse myself in my stories/characters, and this species is really complex and fascinating xD I just want to make sure I get it right!
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Oh, forgot to mention: the mimicry is also tied into their memory-absorbing abilities. They absorb memories more easily from creatures they mimic, and all other things being equal, they'll probably go for the species that have more 'new' (untouched by other Teacups) memories to offer. So if there's a community with three human-mimicking Teacups who know just about all there is to know about their human friends, then a new Teacup might instead integrate into the local dog population, even if a human primarily took care of them.
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No, don't be sorry!! I WANT people to immerse themselves in their characters so it's awesome that you're asking questions! It's an honor that you find them fascinating. (Also, that's neat that you've got an adoptable menagerie. I used to do that with my characters =))

I'm not too worried if a whole lot of people make their Teacups 'special' by having them co-mingle. Extraordinary-ness is pretty par for the course when it comes to characters. I hope people will bend the 'rules' and come up with really interesting and unusual situations!

Teacups will usually mimic the species that takes care of them or that they spend the most time with. Someone finds a Teacup and starts feeding it, and it'll start mimicking that person. If a whole bunch of different species are taking care of one Teacup together...? It'll probably pick the person who's around the most often, but it could be seemingly random. If nobody steps up to the plate, the Teacup will usually start following whatever creature they see most frequently and begin to mimic them. 

If a Teacup is already mimicking a species and gets dumped among a bunch of new creatures, it'll often gravitate towards a species that acts similar to the way it's used to. Teacups tend to only majorly mimic one species at a time... attempting to reconcile the instincts of tons of wildly different species all at once could be a recipe for disaster (and mental illness).

I dunno if I made this clear enough, but when Teacups 'mimic', it goes WAY beyond language acquisition and favorite foods and stuff. A Teacup mimicking a cat will, without even thinking of it, lash their tail when upset. A Teacup mimicking a dog will wag their tail instead.  They'll also be hypersensitive to prey noises and instinctively try to 'hunt'. A teacup mimicking a human will have a deep-set need to be liked and accepted by a community... and so on. This isn't something the Teacup consciously chooses to do (on their own, they aren't really sapient); they have no control over it. Kind of like the way a human baby doesn't choose to start picking up the languages spoken around them. It can actually be deeply upsetting if they're sapient and notice themselves changing in fundamental ways.
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Oh, that's good to hear! I'll definitely continue to ask, then :) (Yeah, I've got a bunch, and I never bothered to give any of them separate homes, so they all kinda live together xD The family keeps getting bigger and bigger, though, so maybe at some point I'll split them up just to make things less complicated. I had a whole story planned out for the group at one point, but I dropped it before it got very far, mostly because every time I got a new character I came up with a whole new plot point. I also started really getting into the lore of each species, and I think I created some sort of war between species in a group that doesn't even exist just became way too daunting. Maybe someday I'll scale it down a bit and get back to it. I don't know why I just dumped all that info on you lol)

Ooh, this opens up a lot more questions. So say my Teacup is cared for primarily by its human owner, and even though it's also surrounded by many other creatures as it grows up, it still mimics the human. Would it still remain a quadruped? Would it not be able to fly, because humans can't, even though most of its family members can? Or am I going too far into this and the mimicry only really applies to psychological things and behaviors (like tail-lashing and hunting)? In which case, is intelligence affected at all? What if one Teacup mimics a human, and another mimics a cat in the same house? Will the human!Teacup be more intelligent than the cat!Teacup? How would that dynamic even work...?

...This probably isn't nearly as complicated as I'm making it sound, so maybe you can help...simplify things a bit x'D I don't know why I'm having so much trouble wrapping my head around how these guys work.

It's cool that you're open to rule-bending though! Some people are a lot more picky about how you use a character from a species they made (not that that's a bad thing necessarily; I've just learned to be careful). And it's a personal thing of mine as well; I always want my characters to make sense with their given lore and biology and all that. Thank you for being so willing to share!
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(You THINK you created a war between species?? And yeah, stories only get more complicated as more characters arrive... I get overwhelmed with anything past three characters.)

Good job hitting the boundary of their abilities, heheh! It does depend on the species and the behavior and whether it's just too extreme for the Teacup to handle. For example, what if a Teacup mimicked a snake? Would it just flop around on the floor all the time? What if it mimicked a spider? Would it lose its eyesight, sense of taste, sense of smell, and ability to chew, and be basically helpless because it doesn't have specialized setae with which to sense its environment?

I could try to draw the line conclusively, but I think it would be more fun to let individual owners decide the limits of their own characters. So let's just say it depends. For example: humans teach themselves all kinds of unnatural behaviors, like hang gliding or driving or DDR, and non-sentient quadrupeds teach themselves how to walk on two legs all the time--just look up 'two legged dog' on Youtube.  Even if a Teacup DID mimic all their human's muscular instincts and lose their natural quadrupedal/flying instincts, I bet they could teach themself to walk on all fours and use their wings. But at the same time, not EVERY two-legged dog learns to walk on two feet, and not every human can (or wants to) master hang gliding.
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Does this end May 22nd? It says April... that would be a long auction. =)
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h a ha ha ha crap /quickly edits
Thank you for pointing that out x)
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lkfnfhzdh gorgeous childreeennn 'A'
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BID HERE for Lady Slipper
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Sorry, this isn't a bid; I just wanted to say how much I love your icon. Did you make it? :o
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Thank you! I didn't make it, it was a commission from :iconumberon9: - she does really awesome animated icons :D
DraconicFeline-13's avatar
No problem! :D It really caught my attention; especially the fire. I might have to commission her; I've been needing an icon change, and she's clearly talented!
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BID HERE for Little Prince
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